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Reading Goals 2018!

Goals Goals Goals!!!

Favourite time of the year; it’s reading goals time!

I tend to set solid goals at the start of the year and see if I’ll reach them by the end without tweaking them. I know a lot of people set a Goodreads goal (for example) and over the year they change the goal to fit their mood or situation. I never do that. When I set a goal I set a goal, people. I work towards it and I may or may not reach it, but at least I have something to “work” towards and it is all about the journey for me. Yes, I do like reaching a goal, but only if I enjoyed the books along the way.

Anyway, I like keeping my post short so let’s just dive straight into my reading goals for 2018!




Complete BookRiot’s ReadHarder Challange 2018

Read 60 books

Read more than 18,000 pages (not including audiobooks)

Finish more series

So to elaborate;

ReadHarder Challenge 2018 is run annually by Book Riot and contains 24 task to be completed. The challenge is designed to drag you out of your comfort genres and explore new and uncharted territories, to diversify, and to challenge your mind and opinions. I will write a separate blog about my ReadHarder plan, and once I do this will be the link to that post 🙂 There are no strict rules about the challenge apart for completing the 24 task. I can combine task into one book if I want to, but I will strive not to. This means 24 books to be read for this challenge. Its the first time I’m participating and already enjoying it.

Reading 60 books is part of my Goodreads goal for 2018. Normally, I read around 30-45 books a year depending on their lengths, so 60 books is a challenge for me. Strategically, the best approach is to read smaller books, but I have a weak spot for those big, long, endless adventures so we’ll see how well this goes. 24 of these books will be part of the ReadHarder challenge which leaves 36 books freely chosen.

Reading more than 18,000 pages will also be a challenge (I wouldn’t have it as a goal if it wasn’t), as it seams 18,000 pages is the yearly average independent of the number of books I read. So whether I read 30 or 40 books in a year it always ends up around 18,000 pages. It’s strange. Maybe I’m cursed? We’ll find out by the end of the year. As mentioned above, to reach 60 books I might have to read smaller books. This goal is meant to work against that and make sure is still pick up those lovely big books. Because I love big books and I can not lie.

Lastly, I want to finish more series. I have a tendency to pick up the first book in a series, loving it, but instead of picking up book two I move on to the next series. Let’s just say I read around a lot, and this has to stop. I want to finish several series that I have started including the Ixia Chronicles by Maria V Snyder, A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwabb and The Vagrant by Peter Newman, to name a few. This year I will finish some of the series I started last year, also when I start a series this year I will finish it, or be up to date.

That’s my reading goals for 2018. What’s yours?

Until next time… enjoy your book


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