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Spoilers! Plot Guessing; The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.

Contain SPOILERS! Proceed at your own risk. To help you make this decision I’m guessing the plot of these books: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black and Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.


I have a big tendency to guess the plot in the books I’m picking up based on title, cover and sometimes the synopsis. I don’t always read the synopsis on Goodreads and I don’t always read on the back of the book either. I like to guess and dive straight into the deep end not knowing what I’m heading for. So, I thought I would share some guesses I made.

Now if I don’t read the synopsis, how do I select books? Booktube and Goodreads. On booktube, I would put books that sound interesting on my want to read list on Goodreads and I tend to forget what the book is about. On Goodreads, I have a few trusted friends, and when they finish a book and the review start with “I loved this book”, I’m sold.

Note that I made these guesses before reading the books, and added my “after reading” comments on completion as a comparison to my guesses.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


Owned – FairyLoot box for January.

What I know about the book before reading: The cover. The title. Written by Holly Black. There would be fae. The art piece of Cardan from the FairyLoot box, which made me think of Rhysand (ACOTAR).

Plot guesses: The title The Cruel Prince must refer to some royalty being cruel, or he’s the cruellest which makes him a prince in cruelty or something. Kind of like in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Spoilers!) where the prince has nothing to do with royalty but a surname. I’m hoping for the first one. But is he to be cruel by nature or nurture? Was he born cruel? And, therefore, is the fae in this book generally cruel and he is just the worst? Or has he become cruel due to an event or several events making him cruel? These are two very different things and can shape a story in very different directions. If he is cruel by nature he might make Jude go through an ordeal to survive the story. I imagen him being much older than Jude and really enjoying her suffering. Considering this is a Holly Black YA novel I’m not sure this is the case, The theory is too dark. If he is cruel by nurture, he might help Jude getting through whatever happens in the book which will be brought on by whoever makes the prince cruel.

How cruel is he going to be or is he actually cruel at all? Maybe he has done a Rhys in ACOTAR (Spoilers!), and pretends to be cruel but actually isn’t. That is what I’m leaning towards. Maybe because of the piece of art which came with the FairyLoot box. It looked a bit like how I imagine Rhys to be, sans wings. It might just be yet another Rhys (Spoilers!) who actually isn’t cruel and has a thing for the main character. If that is the case he will not be the main focus of the story in the beginning either.

There will be some sort of romance between Jude and the cruel prince, but how much or how far I’m sure about. It might not happen in the first book, but in the last book, etc. There will be some tension between them.

Also, there are branches on the cover. I’m thinking there has to be a wood or forest of some sort of either importance or as a part of the landscape within close proximity to the events in the story.

After I read it: Well I was kind of right. He wasn’t really that cruel. It was mostly nurtured due to lack of love from the family. He’s been overlooked being the youngest so he wastes his days with drinking and bullying. But my guess was right in that he is helping Jude overcome the challenges set by one of the fae which is causing him pain. He also isn’t really that cruel. He bullies her, but I think that’s more to get her attention. He is in the entire story from the second chapter onwards, but he has no part in moving the action forward. He gets used. Constantly on the side. I almost feel sorry for him.

He does have a thing for Jude, but she doesn’t seem to have a similar thing for him. She doesn’t mind making out with him but no heavy feeling toward the man. It’s currently just one-sided romance. Also, it was not a main part of the book. Unless you include Cardan bullying Jude, which was a cruel way of pulling her ponytail. Jude was also focused on other things not really having time for a romance, which I really enjoyed. “Why don’t you sit here tied to this chair while I fix the mess your brother has made, then we’ll make out” sort of thing. Loved it.

Plot-wise I did not see that coming. It was a lot more political than I felt it should be, for some reason. I like not being able to guess the plot, constantly feeling as if what I’m reading is new and unexplored. There are always similarities between books, but most of the time I’m too focused on the book to think about it while I read, which is good.

There was a forest in which all the houses were surrounded by and she should not walk through alone in the dark. But she does obviously, cause she awesome.

I was actually surprised that Jude has a twin sister! And another sister! I’ve never personally meet identical twins that are so different from each other, which make me question the relationship and the realness of it. Is this just me?

I enjoyed the book and gave it 4⭐️

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning



Owned – Ebook

What I knew about the book before reading: Two different covers. There would be fae. Set in Dublin. Female main character. Main character experience a tragic loss of a sister. Sarah-Jane over at The Book Life loves it, sold.

Plot guesses: My version of the ebook contained two covers, which confused me. One was of an old-style streetlight, a city and a lightning bolt. While the other looked like a cover form a steamy romance novel. I was conflicted, to say the least. The first cover tells me it’s in a city, which is Dublin. Maybe there a storm in which something very important happens. And a street lamp, which I have no clue if it’s important or not. The second cover looks steamy so there will be sex. Probably between the main character and a male, maybe even some tension and frustration between them. Classic romance stuff I guess.

Based on what I know it is about Fae, I know the main character will be in Dublin where there will be fae of some sort. I’m sure if she is fae or she will meet fae, but my guess is she’s not fae and she meets fae and that’s a big deal in the story. Maybe her love interest is fae?

As its set in Dublin, it could draw on Irish mythology. I don’t know much about Irish mythology and fairies but if they are anything like leprechaun then would they be child-sized? Maybe there are pixies? In general, fae are not very nice creatures which makes it so much fun to read about, but I wonder how evil they are in this book. Maybe they are the villains and the main character falls for one of them?

Apart from the steaminess and potential romance, I think this will be set in a dark fantasy version of our own world, where fae is normal. Maybe there will be more creatures than just fae.

Story-wise I cant get much from this other than the lightning bolt might reflect a physical storm or a dramatic event. Maybe even a power cut of the entire Dublin which makes it go dark.

A tricky one to guess, I admit. Should have read the synopsis…

After I read it: Well I didn’t expect that. Faes that are actually aliens? Took me by surprise. And hardly any steaminess, which makes me more confused about the half-naked cover.

The fae in this is mostly ugly, evil and big. I guessed child-sized, boy was I wrong! They are more like 9 feet! And definitely evil. The feed on humans, suck the life right out of them. So yes they are the villains in some sense, but Mac does not fall for any of them. Royal Fae seems to be the only pretty ones and also have the power of death by orgasm. She still doesn’t fall for them. There is some tension between her and the main male (not fae, but something else) of the story, but Mac explains that he is definitely not her type. They will so end up together!

I was very wrong about the world setting. The world is very much ours but with the aspect of Mac being one of few who can see the fae.

I was kind of right with the darkness which is a bit creepy. I guessed the lightning could cause a power cut and leave the city in darkness. In the book, she refers to a place in Dublin the Dark Zone where all the bad stuff happens. Here there are no streetlights and no life. I was partially right. The streetlamp did have a significance, by them flickering and losing power the dark zone expands 😨

I enjoyed the book and gave it 4⭐️ I’m very intrigued by how the series will develop and will (at some point) pick up the rest.

Does anyone else guess plots before reading them?

Let me know if you enjoyed this 😊


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