New blog-look!

As I mentioned in my first ever post, I spent a few hours on the looks of this blog in the beginning. Especially colours and fonts, back and forth. Well, I just did it again… 😂

I will probably do it again sometime in the future because we all need some change in our life like a new hair colour or a new bag. Why not change the look of my blog every now and then? I won’t do it too much, but I’m still settling in on my new blog. Sometimes you have to live in it for a bit before you know where things fit and what doesn’t fit. Or maybe that’s for moving house?

I felt the previous look was a bit dark and gloomy. The new one I selected is brighter and feels fresher.

I hope you don’t mind 😊




9 thoughts on “New blog-look!

  1. awww… I’m on my tablet and I don’t really see it, but i do like the orangy text, and the tiny slice of background i could see
    it took me quite a while too to figure out what i wanted my blog to look like

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    1. Thanks 😁 I think its more visible on the home page, but not everyone goes onto the homepage so its probably not a big deal. Its more visible to me anyway, but I though I would just let people know in case they got confused.

      I can imagen. There are too many options to choose from. I think I have tried all the free themes now 😳

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