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5QA About A Current Read – Tithe by Holly Black

I asked myself 5 questions about a book I’m currently reading: Tithe (A Modern Faerie Tale) by Holly Black.

I think it’s interesting to write down a few thoughts about a book when you are in the beginning or around halfway through, then see if you changed your mind by the end of it. So let see how Tithe is currently doing, then check out my Faebruary wrap up (doesn’t exist yet) for the full opinion.

(I’m a bit exited)

I’m reading this in ebook version and I’m currently on page 200 of 471, almost halfway. So far the book is intriguing and I quite enjoy it, but it’s a book I can out down when I want to. So entertaining but not yet gripping.

Why did you decide to pick this book up?

I’m currently reading fae books for Faebruary readathon and I had just finished Holly Blacks “The Cruel Prince” when I found she had done other books about fae. I felt I couldn’t read “Tithe” right after “The Cruel Prince” considering its the same author, I was worried it would be confusing. So I read two other fae books before going back to Holly Blacks writing. Also, I already had it on my e-reader and I’m trying to diversify the fae I read about to make it more interesting, and easier to separate the stories. I can then do a comparison during my Faebruary wrap-up blog on the different representation of fae.

What was your immediate reaction to the book and has it changed?

First I thought “this could be cool”. A single rockstar wannabee mom letting her underaged daughter grow up on her own, almost in neglect, smoking cigarettes and dropping out of school to pay for rent. I never read from this perspective before.

The more I read, the more I start understanding the main character and discovering the world, the more I enjoy the book.

What’s your highlight so far?

When she rolls around in a patch of clover to try and expose her skin, and she gets the giggles. I found that quite funny.

Also, her little encounter with Roiben in the diner was laugh out loud moment. I think its supposed to be a scary event, but I laugh quite loudly. I apologise if the next bit spoils anything, but the event goes as follows; she says “Kiss my ass” and uses his full name. He throws her onto the floor tucks her trousers down (a little bit) and literally kisses her ass. Haha!

Who is your favourite character so far?

I really like the main character. I have a few things in common with her.

I also find Corny interesting and I can see myself being his friend. A self-proclaimed IT genius with dial-up and openly gay, always been the outsiders and the weird one. I think he is my favourite outside the MC.

Roiben is an interesting character, as well as the kelpie. I’m interested to see their role play out in the book, and potentially in the trilogy.

Do the cover and title make sense to you yet?


My cover looks like a green and yellow butterfly which didn’t make much sense to me when I started. But yes now it does.

I think these are her wings… (?)

The title has also been given an introduction. I know what it is and why, but I don’t yet know how it will play out, nor the weight the story will have on it.

Have you read Tithe by Holly Black? How did you find it?


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