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Starfall box by Illumicrate! Happy birthday to me!

Hi All!

In anticipation of A Court of Frost and Starlight released on the 1st May, I ordered the Starfall special edition box by Illumicrate back in January. To defend the amout I was spending on bookish related stuff I argued with myself that this would be the perfect birthday gift to myself 😁 19th May is my birthday so it only arrived a week early, but then I could celebrate a week early too 😂 Happy birthday to me! 🎂


So to celebrate my first birthday on my book blog I thought I’ll show you what came in the Starfall box! aka my birthday present, to me.

I love Illumicrate special boxes and I can’t wait to see what they put up in the future.

All items are related to A Court Of Thorns And Roses Series by Sarah J Maas.

None of the links are affiliate links, click on them to your heart’s content, I don’t get a single penny 😊 It’s more because I think the artists are amazing people. And I’m slightly jealous.

Firstly, the box was massive! with only a tiny (hand sized) sticker indicating it was the Starfall box. I had for some reason been expecting a normal sized Illumicrate box, you know the yellow one with illumicrate written all over it. I got it while at work so when the reception lady so nicely came and gave it to me I got really excited but then unsure if this was it or not until I saw the sign 😂 *cue more excitement*

IMG_6823 2

As I opened this at work I had a few people around me who came over to have a look.


Firstly I always take out the contents card and don’t look at it. One of my colleagues looked at it and I told him that if he read out a single bit of information I would punch him! Most people in the office who know me just laughed including my colleague. However, there was a guy sitting close by who was visiting our office, and he sent me a raised eyebrow and a look. I ignored it. Fangirling took most of my energy anyway 😏

IMG_6945 2

IMG_6943 2

IMG_6934 2

I then picked out the above three items; the lip balm is called Truthteller inspired by Azriel’s knife and Mor’s lips, the candle is called Starfall and is a layered candle and the necklace is of Illyrian wings to “keep their wingspan close to your heart” 😂.

The lip balm is made by Lovely Lip Balm (Webpage)

The candle is made by Two Candle Thieves (Etsy shop)

The necklace is made by Mirror Image Accessories (Etsy shop)

img_6940-2.jpgIMG_6935 2IMG_6930 2IMG_6824 2

Next three things I picked up was a pair of socks with a Feyre tattoo inspired pattern (they are super soft and already dirty cause I wore them a few days already), a scarf with all the different courts on, an art piece of Feyre and Rhys of Starfall, and two enamel pins “Starts Eternal” and “Night Triumphant”.

The socks are by Illumicrate themselves.

The scarf is by Evannave (Webpage)

The enamel pins are by Fable and Black (Etsy Shop)

The art piece is by Kat Adara (Etsy Shop). Her art is amazing!

IMG_6928 2

IMG_6941 2

IMG_6942 2

IMG_6937 2

Then I took up a deck of cards with all my favourite characters (plus one) on the picture cards, Tarot style card with the inner circle and a metal bookmark with the night court insignia on.

The deck of cards is by Keeper of the Suns (Etsy Shop)

The tarot-style cards are from Monolime (Red Bubble Shop)

And the metal bookmark is a special item from Bloomsbury publisher.

IMG_6938 2

IMG_6932 2IMG_6931 2IMG_6948 2IMG_6927 2

Then we get to the more serious stuff. A note by the author, an amazing book sleeve with Prythian on the from and constellations on the back, a tote bag with my all time favourite quote on and it’s in a lovely shade of purple, and the book itself!! Woop Woop!!

The book sleeve is by Sparrow and Wolf (Webpage)

The tote bag is by Ink and Wonder (Webpage)

But best of all, (and this is my new favourite thing ever!) I got this enamel mug:

IMG_6953 3.JPG

The artwork is by Charlie Bowater (Webpage). She is such an amazing artist and does a lot of fandom stuff.

It’s my new favourite mug and it’s going to be my new designated red wine mug! My other red wine mug has been degraded to standard mug. This new mug if not microwave safe nor dishwasher safe. But that’s fine, red wine is easy to get rid of.

I’m so happy with this box and this mug!

Did you get this box? What did you think? What was your favourite item?

I’m going to go out for dinner tonight and have an extra slice of cake, just because.

Happy reading people!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.50.31

13 thoughts on “Starfall box by Illumicrate! Happy birthday to me!

  1. Hello Ivy! Happy belated birthday! Seems like this subscription box is the perfect gift! I love candles in general so the candle would be one of my favourites! Also love the mug as well 🙂 I haven’t subscribed to any subscription boxes, so it is fun for me to read this post and live vicariously through you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It was the perfect gift, I know myself so well 😂 I bought this as a one-off. I actually subscribe to Fairyloot so I get enough stuff every month. Maybe I should to monthly unboxing post a for fairyloot? 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

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