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May Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I managed 9 books this month, though I DNF’d one, so I actually read 8 books. Four of these were ARC’s while the rest was a mix of TBR and randoms.

My TBR for May contained 8 books to read and 2 books I hoped to get too. Well, I read 8 books but it didn’t really fit in to the TBR. Not a big surprise, I know. I did read 3 out of the 4 ARC’s on my TBR, which is good. But I didnt manage to get to the rest, although I have started one. However, I did manage to read both books I hoped to get to 😁😂

As a reminder: To me, 5 ivy leaves is an amazing book that stuck with me, surprised me, one I could stop thinking about, I got lost in, etc. 4 ivy leaves is an enjoyable read something I really liked, but that’s it. 3 ivy leaves are either a disappointing read, or the book is just OK, or it was fun but I had significant issues with it.

There is seven 4 leaves and one 3 leafed. There are a lot of four leaves lately. I wonder what’s going on🤔

Bones and Bourbon by Dorian Graves


Ebook – ARC from NetGalley

4 leaves

The Story: I’m having issues summarising this book. There is so much going on! But. We follow two brothers; One is sharing its body with a bone spirit who takes him on joyrides (😂) the other is trying to find a cure for him and got tangled up in a fae curse along the way. This is where the book starts.

My Opinion: I wrote a full review here. In short, I really enjoyed this read. It’s a fun easy read, filled with fantasy and creatures, adventure and tonnes of questions. I very much enjoyed the writing style and I will definitely keep my eyes open for what this author does next.

The Poppy War by R F Kuang


Ebook – ARC by NetGalley

4 leaves

The Story:This is an adult fantasy set in Chinas 20th century dark history. Rin has mastered the topics of the feared Keju exam and made it into the renowned military college, but this is just the beginning for Rin. She thought that once she has made it that far everything will be fine. Turns out she has to survive the first year too and have a tutor offer her to stay for the second year, if not she will be sent back to her village where her foster mother will marry her to an old rich merchant. On top of that, Rin lives in Nikara on the brink of war. Nikaras relationship with its neighbouring Federation might just lead them into a new poppy war. It that occurs, Rin will have to graduate early.

My Opinion: I wrote a full review here (which was retweeted by HarperCollins eeek!). Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. It’s fun and dark and brutal. Totally not YA and totally not a happy story. But I really enjoyed it and I loved the setting so much! Very much looking forward to the next book 😁

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas


Physical book – Owned

4 leaves

The Story: After a war people heal. Or try to heal. And they do it in very different ways. This book follows Feyre, her mate, her sisters and the inner circle as they struggle to come to grips with what the war did to them all, Velaris and the nation. It bridges the gap between the first and second trilogy and has viewpoints from several of the characters.

My Opinion: I’m Maas-trash.

These books and this series especially sits close to my heart. I’m not sure I can explain it properly, but it’s like a good set of friends from school; you went through a lot together, grew up together, crossed the line together, and spend several hours laughing together for no apparent reason. Going back is like meeting up with these friends a couple of months after you all went to different universities or something; everything is still fresh and you havent grown apart yet. This book and these characters will never grow apart from me. If anything, I will be the one to grow away from them. That is what makes them special to me. So when the book is finished and I’m on the train to the next book away from my friends, I get a bit melancholy. I don’t really feel like reading a book. I take a break; do some blogging, go for walks, cook food for the week, watch booktube for more recommendations (didn’t I just clear out my TBR?), until I’m really to get new friends in a new world.

Does that make sense?

I got this is the special Starfall box by Illumicrate which I did an unboxing for here.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman


Audiobook – Owned

4 leaves

The Story: This is a collection of the Norse Mythology stories re-written from the original material and several translations by Neil Gaiman. The Audiobook is also narrated by Neil Gaiman.

My Opinion: I love Neil Gaiman’s storytelling voice!

These are the standard stories about the Norse gods. I had most of these stories in school by had forgotten some endings. I really liked Neil Gaiman’s translations and his re-writing of the stories as they are still true to the story but has a bit more flesh and character within.

I highly recommend this if you are interested in Norse mythology and the story about the gods. I highly recommend the audiobook too if you like Neil Gaiman’s voice.

Runebinder by Alex R Kahler


Ebook – ARC from NetGalley

3 leaves

The Story: In a dystopian world were magic returned causing the apocalypse, Tenn just wants to survive the next fight, the next mission, nothing more. A constant fight against monsters and bad magic with good witches and elemental magic out of control. There is no future, there is only the next fight, the next monster and the next death. Hope doesn’t exist. Hope is deadly.

Then he meets Jarrett.

Hope blooms. Problem is, Tenn appears to be a chosen one, but for what he’s not entirely sure.

My Opinion: This was an entertaining read but I had issues with it. Full review here.

 War Storm by Victoria Aveyard


Audiobook – Owned

4 leaves

The story:The final instalment in the Red Queen Series! It starts one hour after the third book (!). And that is all I’m going to say about the synopsis 😁

My Opinions: It was intense! And long! The audiobook is just shy of 23h

Did it live up to my expectations? Yes

Was it emotional? Not to me

Was the ending adequate? To some extent yes, but not to others.

To summaries the book in two words; political and bloody.

 The Outcast by Taran Matharu


Ebook – ARC from NetGalley

4 leaves

The Story: This is the prequel to the Summoner Trilogy. Arcturus is a commoner, the low or the low straight from the workhouse. When a noble brat arrives at the inn he’s a stableboy at, Arcturus sees his chance of escape. Whilst trying to steal the nobles horse he comes across a scroll. He reads it and accidentally summons a demon he names, Sacha. The whirlwind of events follows. The noble brat is not happy…

My Opinion: I did a full review here.  But in short, I very much enjoyed this. I havent read the first trilogy yet but it’s on my Want to read list, as stated in my TBR in-depth post earlier this month. I definitely will read the rest of the series, but I’m unsure of when.

The Novice by Taran Matharu

(Yeah I did it…)

22297138Ebook – Owned

4 leaves

The Story: Fletcher, a blacksmiths apprentice, struggle to meet ends meet in northern Hominum near the border to the elves. Especially now that a war against the elves is on the horizon. On top of that, the local bully has taken a shine to him, making Fletcher’s life even worse. When he accidentally summons a demon and causes some damage, Fletcher needs to go on the run. And run he does – straight into the clutches of Vocans School for Summoners. Surrounded by nobles who don’t want him there and intense lectures, Fletches find the trouble he doesn’t need trying to fight for the right side, whatever that is.

My Opinion: So. I didn’t plan on reading this so soon, but I couldn’t resist; I needed more!

I highly enjoyed this one. There was so much more information that I missed out on by reading the prequel. thing s made more sense, things were explained in more detail leaving me with a clearer and more vibrant world to read about. I very much enjoyed Fletcher’s journey even though I was confused in the beginning. By reading the prequel first, I thought the first book would feature Arcturus, not Fletcher. But I got very excited when the first character mentioned in the prequel appeared in this book (it’s not Arcturus).

I have to say Taran Matharu has an ability to write despicable characters and make you hate them, without them being the overall evil. Well done, again.

The Wolf (Under The Northern Sky, Book 1) by Leo Carew

35838138Ebook – ARC from NetGalley


The Story: I didn’t get far enough to figure the story out, but it’s set in historic times of Britain. A war between an ancient race to the north and the habitats of Albion to the south.

My Opinion: Very Game of Thrones feels – no thank you!

That’s it! Have you read any of these? What was your favourite book this month? Which book were you least impressed by this month?

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.50.31

6 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

  1. I loved the Norse Mythology’s audio version. I agree with you re. Gaiman’s storytelling voice. 🙂
    I would say my fav May’s book was We Should All be Feminists (even though it’s more of an essay than a book). 🙂
    Happy reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t heard of We Should All Be Feminists. Who’s it by? Is it only one essay or a collection? I just got my hands on Fight Like A Girl by Clementine Ford which I hope is amazing. We’ll see.
      Happy reading to you too 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s only an essay (under an hour long if you listen to it as an audiobook). We Should All Be Feminists is written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I really liked her narrating it as well (I listed to it).
        Fight Like A Girl sounds really great. Looking forward to your review. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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