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Unique Blogger Award

I was nominated by Hanna @ HannaReads for this award about a month ago and still hasn’t gotten around to it before now (sorry). You had some good questions that I really enjoyed answering 😊


○ Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
○ Answer the questions
In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-12 people for the same award.
○ Ask them 3 questions 


1. Name a character who is very similar to you or has a lot of traits you admire

There is always one character I think of when this question is asked. and that is Celena from Throne of Glass. The murderous thoughts, the sass, the self-righteousness, and all that I have it too, though in much less quantity and I tend to keep it to myself 😂 Then there are to more common features like the expensive taste in clothing and shoes, love for chocolate cake and books, and the fact that I don’t really tell people what I plan either before I do stuff (though my plans are much less serious than hers).


2. What’s one movie you’d love to see adapted into a novel?

Jupiter Ascending! I actually really liked the movie probably because I could see the book potential and could image the background stories etc. I just think there is so much potential in this story for a book or three 😁 I thought for a long time it was actually based on a book and tried to find it. I didn’t find it (typical if it was and by writing this someone in the comments will go ” ehm Ivy, it is a book…”)


3. What’s the weirdest blog post you’ve ever written?

Some of these tags a weird, but in the beginning I actually found blog awards to be weird. I mean no-one knew me so why what I nominated? Anyway, I come to enjoy these as the questions are usually quite random and I like that.


I will not nominate anyone as this award has gone through pretty much everyone I follow in the last month and I don’t want to make anyone do it again (not so soon anyway 😏)

Until next time… 📖📖📖

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