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My TBR in-depth: Series I have started but not yet finished​

What is My TBR in-depth? It’s a feature I’m having on my blog 🤗 I do not know if anyone else has something similar (if you do let me know!), but I’ve named mine My TBR in-depth and it’s all about having a closer look at your TBR. Maybe I’ll give someone an idea of a book they want to try. Or maybe I’ll get a TBR cleanout done.

Every other Monday I will post a list of books currently on my Want to Read (GoodReads) list or TBR (owned books), and every post has a theme. Next post theme is mentioned at the bottom of this post. Join in if you like with the hashtag my-tbr-in-depth and tag me so I can see what you have on your list 😊

So far I’ve done three posts in the series:

This week its time for those Series I Have Started But Not Finished books on my TBR (Owned books) and Want To Read (GoodReads) list!

I did a goals progress update not so long ago and it turns out I have completely forgotten about my last goal of finishing more series… these are some the series I will need to finish 😱 or should I just DNF them?

Lisa over at Way To Fantasy gave me a great tip in the comments of that post which I will use here. She told me to 1) make a GoodReads Shelf for all my unfinished series, and 2) use a new release as a reward for finishing a series.

Let’s get organised 🤓

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Read: 4 of 7

Opinion: I’m about 90% sure my next book in the series is #5 The Revenge of Seven… 🤔 I got into this series because I saw I am number four in the cinema on IMAX and loved it, so I went out a bought the book. That’s 7 years ago…!😳 I have all books in the series, Ive just got to read them…

Keep? Yes

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


His Majesty’s Dragons by Naomi Novik

Read: 1 of 9

Opinion: I read this after I read Uprooted by the same author last year. I loved Uprooted but this was her very first book ever published and I didn’t really feel it. I enjoyed it, but there were too many annoying things in the first book which frustrated me.

Keep? No…

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped


The Vagrant by Peter Newman

Read: 1of 3 (+2 novellas)

Opinion: I bought this based on the cover and the fact that the MC was mute. I mean the cover is just cool! Also, the MC is carrying a baby with him for the entire book! I loved it.

To keep? Yes

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing

the vagrant.png

Ravneringene by Siri Pettersen

Read: 2 of 3

Opinion: I love the first book so much but thought the second book was a bit disappointing so I didn’t continue even though I have it. I have heard good things about it though and it is a rare Norwegian fantasy and very original trilogy. This last book in the series would be a great way to add one finished series to my list of unfinished series…

Keep? Yes

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Read: 1of 6 (5 are out)

Opinion: I picked this up purely because they were doing mining on mars (geology nerd 🤓) and ended up loving it. It’s dark and I love that. I don’t remember everything that happens and I need to reread it before continuing.

Keep? Yes!!

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


The Memoirs of Lady Trent by Marie Brennan

Read: 1 of 5

Opinion: I borrowed the first book for the library and thought it was ok. I’m not sure if I was in the mood of the type of fantasy when I read it so I’m not sure if I’ll like the rest but I’m not really bothered by that.

Keep? Probably not

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped


The Lotus War by Jay Kristof

Read: 2 of 3

Opinion: I quite enjoyed the first two books in their series. I’ve never read a steampunk type fantasy book and not read a fictional book based on Japan. I borrowed them for my local library but they didn’t have the tried instalment so I never got to it. Again this would be an easy addition to the finished list, as there is only one book left. I also feel I should finish this before starting Nevernight. Maybe I should reward myself for finishing this series by starting a new Jay Kristoff series?! 😁 Nevernight here I come!!

Keep? Only one left so yeah probably

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


The Secret of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

Read: 1 of 6

Opinion: I found this an interesting twist to an old story though I’m not sure exactly what the point of the series is. I have several of the books on my e-reader and they are quick and easy reads. I don’t think this will even be a series I’m completely hooked on, but my interest will linger for a while.

Keep? Yes for now

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


The Great Library by Rachel Caine

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: The premise of this book really intrigued me and I was fairly entertained whilst reading but it was a bit predictable. I wasn’t invested in the book, nor the characters but I really wanted too.

Keep? No

GoodReads shelf: series- stopped


A Darker Shades of Magic by V E Schwab

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: I loved the first one and have the next two books on my shelf but never got to it. The idea of parallel London’s and part magical part not is really cool. I also enjoyed Victoria Schwab’s writing. I think I should reward myself for finishing this series by starting the Villan series… 😁

Keep? Yes!

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing

darker shade of magic.png

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: I picked this up because I enjoy Rick Roidan books and I’m a Viking (Scandinavian). I loved two aspects on this and neither features the Norse mythology stuff. I loved Magnus’ humour. It was perfect for me and I was laughing out loud several times. And secondly, I loved that the side-kick was Arabic in origin! It really draws on the fact that Vikings were at the core tradespeople, not barbarians. I have the second book in physical format and have access to the third book on ebook.

Keep? Yes!

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


The Earthend Saga by Gillian Anderson

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: This was a very mindbending. It was very phycological and you had to think about things before fully understanding the impact or significance. I loved this book a lot mainly because of the mind-bending stuff. I think it’s a very intelligent book. I don’t remember too much of this but I recently check my local library if they had them all, and they did 😏

Keep? Yes!

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing

Earthended sags.png

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Read: 1 of 2

Opinion: I cried my eyes out reading book one. I have never seen the movie but I’m curious to what happens next. In theory, this would be another easy to finish series with only one book left.

Keep? Unsure 😐 is it worth it?

GoodReads shelf: i havent assigned this to a shelf yet. any suggestions?


Woman of the Otherworld by Kelly Armstrong

Read: 1 of 20 (?)

Opinion: I borrowed one of these books a while back, I don’t even remember which book it was, but it turned out to be somewhere mid-series. I did really enjoy it; the world, the characters and the creatures. But there are too many books and they aren’t that new so…

Keep? Probably not

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped


Comoran Strike by Robert Galbraith (aka J K Rowling)

Read: 3 of 4 (?)

Opinion: These books are really good and surprising in every way. I recently read the third book even though I bought it when it came out and it’s been collecting dust on my shelf. Recently BBC produced a miniseries based on the books and I really want to see it but I have to finish the book series first. I think watching the mini-series will be my reward for finishing this series. However, I have seen on GoodReads there is one untitled book marked as #4… could this be one of those never-ending detective series? 😳 Maybe I should just watch the BBC show now that I finished the third book as the show is based on the first three books…

Keep? Yes!!

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


InterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: I love Neil Gaiman books and imagination and the first book in this series is a whole other level. There are parallel worlds and each world has you in it but it’s not you… it’s fascinating but it’s middle grade and a bit simple so easy to read.

Keep? Maybe

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


The Lost Hero by Rick Riodan

Read: 1 of 5

Opinion: I read the Percy Jackson series and loved it so automatically I want to read the next series set in the same world(-ish). The first book was good but I dont think I ever finished it 🤔 I think I’m a bit saturated with Rick Riordan and Camp Halfblood 🤷‍♀️

Keep? No

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped


Shattered Sea by Joe Abercrombie

Read: 1 of 3

Opinion: I enjoyed reading the first book. It was the first book I ever read with a MC with a disability. Also, I didn’t see the twist at the end coming and was totally surprised. It is also my first book by the author and I’m not sure… I didn’t think the entirety of the series is for me.

Keep? No

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped

shattered sea.png

Peter Grant by Ben Aaronvitch

Read: 1 of 8

Opinion: This was a very refreshing read when I first got into it. It’s paranormal and fantasy based detective series so you don’t have to read them all in a row like some series. I enjoyed the fantasy aspect mixed with the London setting.

Keep? Yes

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

Read: 1.5 of 15

Opinion: This was the first adult fantasy book I ever read and I really liked it, but I read it now about 15 years ago and never finished the second book… I feel its too late and my interest has gone elsewhere…

Keep? No

GoodReads shelf: series-stopped


Fever Series by Karen Marie Mooning

Read: 1 of 9

Opinion: I read this based on the recommendation from Sarah Jane from The Book Life (youtube channel). She hosted a readathon in February 2018 called Feabruary 😁 which was all about reading fae books. one of the challenges was to buddy read a book and I choose Darkfever as mine and buddy read along with a whole bunch of people. I enjoyed it but the MC annoyed me a bit with being stupid etc, the fae in this book though was interestingly ugly and alien-like, which I liked.

Keep? Yes for now

GoodReads shelf: series-ongoing


Stats To Summarise:

My new GoodReads lists:

  • series-ongoing = 13
  • series-stopped = 7
  • unsure = 1

These series I could easily finish due to the low amount of books left and I own or could get them asap:

  • Comoran Strike (1 book left, own)
  • The Lotus War (1 book left, could get)
  • Darker Shade of Magic (2 books left, own both)
  • Ravneringene (1 book left, own)
  • Magnus Chase (2 books left, own both)

I should be able to finish these series before 2019. It’s only 7 books and so far in 2018 I’ve read 52 books. Shouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a problem… 😳😂

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Let me know

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 22.50.31

8 thoughts on “My TBR in-depth: Series I have started but not yet finished​

  1. I Am Number Four was recommended to me. I’ve just never gotten to it ah. I adore uprooted and I’m going to read Spinning Silver, but I’m not sure about her series. Ooh I’m currently reading through the Red Rising saga and I love it! I still have the last book in the ADSOM trilogy to read and I’m so excited for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved the first few books of I Am Number Four but it’s long so if you haven’t started I’m not sure it’s worth it. I can’t wait to continue with red rising saga. It’s sounds so epic! I’ve heated the last book is the best book in that trilogy so fingers crossed you love it as much! 😊


  2. Love this organization! Good luck with it!
    I read Where She Went. It was ok. It was nice to see what happened but I feel like there was a ton of unnecessary drama and it was no where near as good as the first book. But it was a quick read so if you decide to go ahead with it it won’t take much of your time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That 👆 is basically what I was expecting from Where She Went. Short and dramatic. I’m still unsure. I’m not fussed about making or not making a decision about that series… we’ll see 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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