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July Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I did several readathons this month and ended up reading about 19 books… 😳😳😂 It was all fun and games but …

This might have serious consequences in the form of a reading slump. I’m currently feeling very saturated and tired of reading. 🤞Fingers crossed it’s just a saturation and not the start of something worse. I will try and take it easy in August and not pressure myself into reading.

Let’s summarise the month 😊


Dates: 1-8th July

Books Read: 4.75

Pages read: 1112 (1389 with the audiobook)

Average rating: 4.25

Favourite read: The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline.

TBR and reading plan post can be found here.

Wrap-up and Stats post can be found here.

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel


Physical book- Owned

4 stars

The Story: In a dystopian type world of Canada a travelling orchestra and theatre group tell a story of the collapse of society due to the flu. The story follows several people and perspectives both pre-collapse, collapse and post-collapse.

My Opinion: I started this at the end of the read-EH-thon and only had 90pages left on the last day. I think there the readathon I read too many dystopian novels. 3 out of 5 where dystopian, so by the end of Station Eleven I felt saturated. It was well written and I liked parts of the story, but all in all, it was ok with good parts. I really liked Miranda as a character. She actually inspired me to have a close look at my life and make some decisions I probably wouldn’t make right now I would probably have waited a few years time, or not made the decisions at all. So thanks for that.

Biannual Bibliothon Summer 2018

Dates: 14-20th July

Books Read: 4

Pages read: 1371p

Average rating: 4.3

Favourite read: Trail of Lightning

TBR and reading plan post can be found here.

Wrap-up and Stats post can be found here.


Dates: 21-22th July

Books Read: 1.5

Pages read: 770p

Hours read: 24h 28min

Average rating: 4

Favourite read: Prey of Gods

TBR and reading plan post can be found here.

Wrap-up and Stats post can be found here.



Dates: 23-29th July

Books Read: 7

Pages read: 1438p

Average rating: 4

Favourite read: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl or Nissedreperen.

TBR and reading plan post can be found here.

Wrap-up and Stats post can be found here.

Mirage by Somaiya Daud


ebook – ARC from NetGalley

Publication date: 28th August 2018

3.5 stars

The story: This middle-eastern style world mix with sci-fi. Amani is on her own coming-of-age eve, kidnapped by the brutal occupiers of their planet. She is brought before the palace and examined by the Vath. That’s where she lays her eyes on Maram the half breed princess of cruelty, and she looks just like her. Amani is forced to be Maram on dangerous events as a body double. Though they are two very different people on the inside, she learns everything about Maram and becomes her double in all cases. Then add a dose of rebels, love and struggles of self-identity and you have a book 🙂

My Opinions: I liked the world and the story but I wasn’t a fan of the writing style. I will write a full review so please keep your eyes open for that.

That’s it!

I’m glad it’s over.

I’ll spend August sleeping 💤

Have you read any of these? What was your favourite book this month? Which book were you least impressed by this month?

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