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Review – Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

I have never read anything by Tamora Pierce but she has always been on my list. So when her new book popped up on NetGalley as an ACR I was on it! Without knowing what the book was about or what I was in for, I dived in 😁

This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley and HarperVoyager in return for an honest review. Thank you!

Tempests and Slaughter

by Tamora Pierce



Synopsis by NetGalley

The legend begins.

In the ancient halls of the Imperial University of Carthak, a young man has begun his journey to becoming one of most powerful mages the realm has ever known. Arram Draper is the youngest student in his class and has the Gift of unlimited potential for greatness . . . and of attracting danger.

At his side are his two best friends: clever Varice, a girl with too often-overlooked, and Ozorne, the ‘leftover prince’ with secret ambitions. Together, these three forge a bond that will one day shape kingdoms.

But as Ozorne inches closer to the throne and Varice grows closer to Arram’s heart, Arram realizes that one day – soon – he will have to decide where his loyalties truly lie.

In the Numair Chronicles, fans of Tamora Pierce will be rewarded with the never-before-told story of how Numair Salmalín came to Tortall. Newcomers will discover an unforgettable fantasy adventure where a kingdom’s future rests on the shoulders of a boy with unimaginable gifts and a talent for making deadly enemies.

My Opinion

 4 stars



Magic School!


Magical animals

The Story

Its a slow moving story without much action, but at the same time its a great view into a world, it’s magic and it’s people.

We follow the main character through his first few years at a magical University where we quickly come to understand that his abilities are beyond normal levels. As he put it himself: he has become too odd to be bullied.

There is at least a few years of university that flies by without much content. But at the same time, the enjoyed being part of the progress from the start of uni to the upper academy levels to his independent studies and practices. I enjoyed exploring the magic and the world, and I didn’t mind the lack of action.

Until the end.

I personally would have liked more action at the end. But hey! You can’t have everything.

World Building

This world was big, complex and fully formed. I was amazed by the gods and the way one spoke about them. The animals, the royals, the neighbouring countries, the many masters, the magic. It’s all full of stuff that makes a diverse world.

Then I realised this book is set in the same world and features the same characters as one of the authors previous series – no wonder it’s a well-developed world…

Magic System

Wow, this was complex! But it seemed to be the type of system where you had a certain level of gift/ability that belonged to you. If you used it too much it would wear you out. Also, it had gods with the ability to affect the world and its people which was fun and put a spin on things.

I liked that fact that the magic had limits but you didn’t see much of it with Arram as his ability is so great. You only notice it when other comments on how he should be enough even though they normally would use two or three senior students. Or when Arran passes out from exhaustion 🤷‍♀️.

The Characters

There are three main characters; the main character and his two best friends. The story starts off with them being 11-13 years old and goes through puberty before ending with Arram being about 15-16 years old. I loved the friendship in the beginning. And I mean absolutely loved it. 9% into the book and my kindle highlight and comment is: “I love this friendship”. 😂 Later on ,when they hit puberty, the friendship changes, as people normally change during this time. It becomes more focused on how to get a secure future.

Arram is the main character and it’s his perspective we follow throughout the book. He is a great character, a bit naive but kind and caring, and with very amazing abilities.

Varice is the female of the friend group. She charms the others and she is the glue of the friends.

Ozorne or Prince Ozorne is the rich friend if you like. He pays for a lot but he also is kind and a good friend. Arram learns a lot from him about being a man and about girls.


Yes! ❤️

There is something extra sweet and special about middle-aged married m/m couple. It’s just cuter than married f/f couple. It’s cuter than a young married m/m couple. I don’t know why I feel that way but there is just something special about it. It makes me happy.


It was great. After reading several self-published and debut authors, it was refreshing and comfortable to read something by a seasoned author.


However, it felt more like a prequel than a first in a series. That might be due to the already existing sereies I didn’t know it was a part of.

I will read the rest of the books in this series and continue on to the next series which is already out. In the meantime, I would pick up another book by the author as I loved he writing.

Have you read this? What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Review – Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce

  1. I’m about to read my ARC of this! It’s definitely going to be refreshing to read something by an established author, could not agree with you more on that one right now! It sounds good so I’m looking forward to it now 🙂

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