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Review – Love Beyond Body Space and Time – LALAthon Wrapup #1

I first heard about this book when Book And Lala talk about it, and it sounded amazing. So I bought it without knowing if it was good or not. It turned out to be one of Lala’s favourite books and I picked it for LALAthon TBR.

This is the second book I finished for LALAthon, but the first book I picked up and the first review I’ ve done. The first book I finished was The Raven Boys and the review for that will be up early next week 😊

Love Beyond Body Space and Time

Edited by Hope Nichols


Synopsis by GoodReads

“Love Beyond, Body, Space, and Time” is a collection of indigenous science fiction and urban fantasy focusing on LGBT and two-spirit characters. These stories range from a transgender woman trying an experimental transition medication to young lovers separated through decades and meeting far in their own future. These are stories of machines and magic, love, and self-love. 

My Opinion

5 leaves




Amazing stories

Amount of facts


An indigenous lgbt+ collection of fantasy and sci-fi short stories 😳

I mean hell yeah!! 😁😍

There are many good stories in here and the sci-fi element varies from space operas and Earth 2.0 to magical realism on this planet, but they all feature an LGBTQ+ main character.

The Stories

Beyond the Grim Dust of What was to a Radiant Possibility of What Could be: Two-Spirit Survival Stories

Non-fiction summary of literature by two-spirit Native authors.

*taking notes*

*increasing the TBR pile*

Returning to Ourselves: Two-spirit futures and the now 5⭐️

Non-fictional historical account of Yellow Head, a native from 1801 who was described in a white man journal as someone who looks like a man but behaves, sits and talks like a woman. Then he had added its disgusting *facepalm emoji* For all the technological advances the white man has made, he has lost perspective of other human being next to him. I found it amazing that two-spirited people have been accepted for so long in a culture who is clearly so much more tuned to nature than anyone else. I loved it!

Aliens 5⭐️

A very cute romance in a world where aliens are viewed as guardians of the earth and saviours of humans.

Legends are made, not born 5⭐️

A beautiful story about the future and earth 2.0 in which a two-spirited boy who goes to live with Auntie Dave 😁

Perfectly you 5⭐️

This story caught me off guard completely. I spent the first few pages getting annoyed at the writing style. Then the twist happened and I laughed then cried. And then it ended and I cried then laughed 😂

The Boys Who Became Hummingbirds 4⭐️

I’m not sure I got the full meaning of this one. But I liked it! Very dystopian with a splash of colour.

Né Łe! 4 ⭐️

Space veterinarians for dogs on their way to Mars.

Transition 4.5⭐️

Trans story. Very Insightful into transitioning from a man to woman I the way they feel about others and what they worry about. I would have liked the story to last longer as I feel it was cut short plot-wise.

Imposter Syndrome 4⭐️

A non-human who wants to be human that changes gender due to work. This was a fascinating take on non-humans view on gender and the fact that gender is part of your personality and not your body. I liked it.

Valediction at the Star View Motel 4⭐️

This was less sci-fi of all of them. It was sweet and gave me the insight to reverse racism which was fascinating.

Parallax 4⭐️

This is an interesting poem to end an anthology. I’m not sure I got it, but it’s about transitioning from woman to man (i think) and how you manmade yourself – really liked that term 😁


😍😍 I Loved it with a capital L!

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in LGBTQ+ stories or likes sci-fi short stories or anyone and everyone else!

I recommend this book also to those who think this might not be for them – give it a try! it won’t bite you back 🙂

Just read it!

Have you read this? What did you think?

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