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Picking ARCs for December’s TBR

NetGalley request button
no time to read
a long list of unread ARCs.

Solution? Tell you guys which ARCs I’m reading by picking half of them randomly. Well, it’s almost randomly. Then I’ll have to read them 😁

I will add the result into my complete TBR list which will be out on the 1st as always.

The Selection

Which one to read🤔

There are several of these I really want to read and a few I’m not interested in at this very moment.

The Method to the Madness

I decided to do something fun when selecting which ARCs to read in December. But I also need some control over the selection. Otherwise, I wouldn’t like the option I picked.

So I decided to play a little game. I wrote down all the titles (shortened) on a piece of paper. I cut them up and folded them over. then put all the folded pieces into my hands and shook them a couple of times. I then let two drop out creating one pair of options or a single competition. I shook my hands again with the remaining options and let another two drop out. I kept at it until my hand were empty. Luck the number of ARCs I had allowed for this 😂 I then looked at each pair and selected one from each pair to read in December. The other one is to be read in January.

The Draws

Here are the six draws and six competitions


4 out of 6 choices are easy to choose from, 2 were not.

For December I will therefore read the following ARCs

1 The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) Josie Jaffrey

2 Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

3 Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh

4 Transgressive: A Trans Woman on Gender, Feminism and Politics by Rachel Anne Williams

5 The Storm Girl’s Secret (Paragrim Industries #3) by Ceri A Lowe

6 Curse So Dark & Lonely by Brigit Kemmerer

I did not pick any of the shorter books which makes me a little nervous, But Christmas will happen and should give me time to read it all. I hope anyway.

That means in January I will read

1 New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Colour edited by Nisi Shawl

2 Women of Resistance: Poems for a New Feminism edited by Danielle Barnhart and Iris Mahan

3 Darksoul (Godblind #2) by Anna Stephens (still havent read book 1😳)

4 A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities by J. R. Zuckerberg and Mady G

5 The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke

6 The A to Z of Gender and Sexuality: From Ace to Ze by Morgan Potts

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Until next time


17 thoughts on “Picking ARCs for December’s TBR

  1. Good luck with your arcs! I’ve been trying to stay off Netgalley so I didn’t end up with a massive pile of them to read over Christmas but these look so tempting. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best of luck for that ARC TBR! I have the same feeling, and these past few months I’ve only read one or two ARCs, so as a result it’s definitely been piling up in my Kindle. I need to remedy that ASAP too! I definitely need an ARC readathon or some sorts :”)

    Liked by 1 person

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