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December TBR and reading plan

It’s almost Christmas people!!


That means the year is almost over.


which means I have a lot to read …


I mean …


Let’s just get this over with.

The links will take you to their GoodReads page for each book. It the book doesn’t have a GoodReads page, the link will take you to their Amazon page. They are not affiliated links.

Need to finish ASAP!

Small Island by Andrea Levy – this is Octobers book club pick for Black History Month in the office I work in. It’s a novel centred around the Windrush generation and the post-war environment in the UK. It’s very topical here in the UK atm so I’m very excited to read it. I helped organise this book club and host it so I have to read it. Our book club meeting is currently set to 5th December. I’m currently 150 pages in.


For ReadHarder Final Sprint!

Northanger Abby by Jane Austen – a book published post-humorously. Not started.

Inspector Singh Investigates A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree by Shamini Flint – a mystery by an author of colour or LGBT+. Not started.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy – an Oprah book club pick. Barely started, 8% in.

Selfish, Shallow and Self-absorbed edited by Meghan Daum – an essay anthology about not wanting to have children. Barely started, 1.25/16 stories read.

 From my ARC Shelf

I want to clear most of the NetGalley shelf I have. I posted a separate blog on how I picked these which you can find here. In short, I’m reading half of the shelf now in December and the other half in January.

The Gilded King (Sovereign #1) by Josie Jaffrey – 25th June 2018 (already out, no rush, but promised to read it by end of the year to the author…)

The Strom Girl’s Secret by Ceri A Lowe – 17th December 2018 (can’t wait!)

A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer – 29th January 2019 (very interested)

Transgressive: A Trans Woman On Gender, Feminism and Politics by Rachel Anne Williams – 21st May 2019 (no rush!)

Do You Dream of Terra-Two? by Temi Oh – 7th March 2019 (no rush)

Skyward (Skyward #1) by Brandon Sanderson – 6th November 2018 (already out, very keen on)

That’s 11 books…


Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Wish me luck…

What’s on your December TBR?

Happy reading!


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