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Yearly Bookish Goals – 2019

Happy New Reading Year!!

I’ve been thinking about my goals for 2019 since early December. I get quite excited about them and tend to have too many. My 2018 goals did fairly well but I learned a few things about myself which means the goals will have to change a bit.

I still want t do a reading prompt style challenge and a GoodReads challenge, but I also need to limit my book buying and my ARC requesting.

So without further ado, let’s see what I’ve come up with:

2019 Bookish Goals

GoodReads: 85 books

The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge

Buy max 2 books a month (24 books for the year)

Request max 2 ARCs a month (24 books a year)

Let me explain:

85 books

I did 112 books in 2018 which is a new ultimate record for me. I think by keeping it high I will have to challenge myself but also know that its possible. Previous years I’ve only managed around 40 books, so I did exceptionally well this year. I also want to do more writing this year. I originally put 100 books as my goals but considering the amount of writing ideas I currently have I lowered my reading goal to 85 to have the time to write. 85 books should be ok 😳

The Ultimate HomeMade Reading Challenge

This is something I made up and you can find that post here. I made it because all other reading challenges had a handful of challenges I didn’t like or found annoying or something. Making my own, I could make sure I only had a challenge I wanted and liked. I incorporated some specific prompts about series to make sure I finish those series I still struggling to finish. I could have made a separate goal about the series but I didn’t, I included it here. The same could be said about diverse books and a well-rounded reading year, but again I’ve created some very specific reading challenge prompts which tackles these books. I will do blog posts with TBRs and suggestions to the different prompts, and also I’ll do a review of the challenge in June and at the end of the year as always.

Buying only 2 books a month

Now with this one, if I don’t buy two books one month I can roll it over to the next month. Also, these books are books I’ve bought myself with my own money. They do not include gifts, free books or if someone buys me books. It’s a way for me to put a limit on myself. In 2018 I bought a lot of books, of which I’ve only read 2 or something. I need to learn that I don’t always read the books I buy. Hence the book buying limit.

Only request 2 books a month

This is similar to the book-buying limit, but ARCs are free and very very tempting but you don’t always get approved for the request you’ve made. Also limiting myself to only 2 requested a month will make me really evaluate if I want to read that book or not. I could have made it 2 ARCs a month but you never know if you will get approved for a book or not. Having 2 requests are more challenging and demanding. I will include my requests in every monthly wrap-up so I can keep track of them.

What do you think? Do you think I can do this?

What are your goals for 2019?


21 thoughts on “Yearly Bookish Goals – 2019

  1. So smart to limit ARCs! I managed to screw myself over with this last year so I’m putting a similar rule in place for myself. I think these sound like great goals! And I love that you’ve made your challenge

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    1. Thank you! Yeah the limit came from me not being able to stop and therefore accumulating too many arc then stressing about it. By limiting myself I can only request the ones I’m really interested in not just everything.


      1. I just ended up reading a lot of crap because I think I was too indiscriminate with my requests… I’m being much more selective this year!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I think this is a really reasonable reading challenge! I am also going to try and limit the amount of ARC’s I request (and also the review requests I accept). I’ve realized I’m ultimately a mood reader and it stresses me out when I get behind on obligated reading even a little bit.

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