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TomeTopple Round 8 Wrap-up

I managed a few good ones…

This was a two week long readathon from the 13th to the 26th April where I tried to read as many big books as possible. I managed a few and I’m pleased with my efforts 😁

I did my full TBR over here with all the information and rules about the readathon as well.

Books Attempted During TomeTopple

Gutten (The Boy) by Jon Kalman Stefansson

Pages: 918

Incomplete 🐣 halfway.

This was the first book I started. I was hoping to finish it within the time frame, but I soon realised that that wouldn’t happen. This is a densely written book where the dialogues are within the other sentences. It’s not the easiest book to read and you need a bit of time getting use to it. The story is very interesting and I’m quite liking it. It was not the best option for a readathon but I don’t think I would have started it any other time. This readathon gave me a good reason to start it.

I will finish this book at some point.

The Priory of The Orange Tree by Sammantha Shannon

Pages: 848

Finished! πŸ₯³

This was the second book I finished! I really liked this. It was a fast read and intriguing plot and story line. I enjoyed the characters and really loved Tane. The dragons were great too, but I expected more of the dragons going into the book. They are important and the main feature but from a distance. It was great to finally read a high fantasy book with queer main characters which also doesnt have much sex in it. Only the background people were straight which was refreshing.

Illuminae by Jay Kristof and Amie Kaufman

Pages: 602

Finished! πŸ₯³

First book I finished! I listen to it on audiobook and loved it! its a full cast narration and every character had its own speaker. Also the layout of the story was good. The drama was good. The villain was good. The story line was good. I didn’t spend time during the story trying to figure out who the Illuminae group was so the ending was a surprise and not a surprise πŸ˜‚ I will definitely continue with the series 😁

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee

Pages: 513

Almost done! πŸ₯

I found this book funny most of the time, but there was a period when Monty was just a really annoying brat. He pulls through and makes it over to the other side and it was well written for a lot of thing and perspectives. I loved Felicity and can’t wait to read book two. I might get the next book in audiobook format.

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

Pages: 848

Incomplete 🐣

I started this so I had an audiobook after Illuminae. I’m not very into historical fiction, but it is ok. After the end of the readathon I DNF’d this book casue I don’t really care about anything in this book, not really.

I feel I did fairly well. I might not have finished everything I started but I made some major indents in what I did start. So yay me!

Also here is the bullet journal spread where I tracked the pages I read.

Reading Challenges Completed

  1. Read an adult Tome βœ…
  2. Read a Tome that is a part of a series βœ…
  3. Read a Tome that has been on your shelf for the longest ❌
  4. Read a Tome from a genre you normally don’t read βœ…
  5. Read more than one Tome βœ…

I tried. The other three books I started would have covered the last challenge but I didn’t managed to finish them πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Anyone else participating in TomeTopple this round?

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