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#SixForSunday – 26th May – 2019 Books I’m Exited For!

This Sunday tag is created and run by Steph over at A Little But A Lot. There are some very interesting and fun prompts coming up this spring so check it out. Today s topic is 2018 Books I’m Exited For.


Let’s dive into the list of my 6 2019 books I’m quote exited to read in no particular order.

Gumino (Wicked Fox) by Kat Cho

A Corean inspired urban fantasy about a woman who is also a nine taled fox. She eats boys to survive, or something. Then one day she saves a boy instead and her life changes. I’m very exited fro this book. This made its way onto my most anticipated under-hyped read of 2019 and I’m still very exited for it.

Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang

The second book in the series about Rin and her badass powers! I cant wait! The first book made it to my favourite read list last year and the Dragon Republic made its way to my most anticipated hyped releases for 2019.

Serpent And Dove by Shelby Mahurin

A fantasy book inspired by a french tale. and that is all I know. I have seen soem good reviews and mentions around the book-iverse which makes me more exited 🤗

The Deep by Rivers Solomon

I loved Rivers Solomon’s book An Unkindness of Ghosts and it was my no 1 favourite book of last year. I’m not surpriced them I’m this exited fror her next book. Doent help much that the synopsis sais it’s situated under the sea in a community decendants of slave women.

Queen of Nothing by Holly Black

The last book in the trilogy! I honestly though this wouldn’t come out before next year like the others. But no! acording to GoodReads (which could be wrong) its due out in November 2019!!! YAS! I need to know how it end between Jude and Cardan! I dont care about the rest!

Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

I loved Children of Blood and Bone last year and absolutely swallowed it in a weekend. It was so fast paced and intense and I loved it! I can’t wait to see where book 2 will take us 🤗

Which books from 2018 have you still not read?

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Let me know!

6 thoughts on “#SixForSunday – 26th May – 2019 Books I’m Exited For!

  1. Great list! I really enjoyed The Dragon Republic, but not as much as I loved The Poppy War. I just finished Serpent and Dove and was kind of disappointed, I went in with super high expectations and it just didn’t live up to what I wanted it to be. OF COURSE I am hype for The Queen of Nothing!! Also, The Deep looks like a good read, but also an important one.

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