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August Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

This month, I did fairly well 😁

I managed quite a few this month and I feel very good about it. Based on my TBR I didn’t do so well though. Out of 7 planned books I finished 4, but only 1 of those were an ARC. I need to get my ARCs read! They are all very late by now and will have to all go on my September TBR.

I also did the #FemmeFanTale this month and managed three books during that time and DNF’d one.

But first,

Let’s hold me accountable.

I have two goals this year which involve acquiring books;

  1. only buy two books a month,
  2. only request two ARCs a month.

Rules: For buying books it only for books I, personally, spend money on including subscription boxes (one per box), but it excludes my audible membership and all free books and gifts. For the ARC’s I’ve focused on my request-button-pressing and not getting the requests approved because you don’t know if it will be approved, nor do you know when it will be approved. Therefore, only two request-clicks per month. I can move the points between the months and if I don’t use them in one month transfer them to the next month.

I will have this on my wrap-ups every month.

Before we delve into the book I read this month let’s check if I stuck to my goals:

  • Only buy two books a month: 

None!!! I didn’t spend any money on books this month, which I’m struggling to believe. Maybe I should re-check my stuff…

Available credit from last month; 0

Total credit transferred to next month; 2

  • Only request two ARC’s: 
    1. Girls of Storm and Shadow by Natasha Ngan

Available credits from last month; -2

Total credit transferred to next month; -1

Now let’s get back to the books I’ve read and have a deeper look a look at them.

The Undoing of Arlo Knott by Heather Child

ARC – NetGalley

The Story:

Imagine you were able to undo what you just said. Or undo that last action or accident. Meet Arlo Knott, he can do that. Though in the beginning he can’t. We meet Arlo as his life turns upside down and fills his life with regret. He then comes into the powers of undoing time and seconds and he loved it. His teenage years is filled with things he does and undoes. Then as he grows up and find life and love, life doesn’t turn out the way he wants. Is there even an after affect to him turning back time?

My Opinion:

I enjoy this read and did a full review here. It’s a weird one.

Birtday by Meredith Russo

Book – Owned

The Story:

Eric and Morgan were born on the same day and have celebrated their birthday together ever since. The book follows them on their birthday every year from age 13 to 18, just around the time when bodies changes. Eric tries to figure out what he wants in life and struggles to cope with his best friend Morgan who sometimes, when Eric is not wearing his glasses, looks like a girl. But Eric isn’t gay is he? Morgan on the other hand, tries to cope with the need to live as her true self. Being a girl in a boys body isn’t easy in the middle of nowhere USA. The waves she rides of masculine and feminine to try and figure out where she belongs isn’t easy. From the ultra masculine football player getting into fights to wearing makeup and learning how to be a girl.

My Opinion:

I loved this book! It was so quite to read, I read it in a day. And it was amazing! Love Meredith Russo’s writing to.

Gutten by Jon Kalman Stefansson

Book – Owned

The Story:

A trilogy bind-up following the boy (yes he has no name) as he struggles in the Icelandic spring to cope with his life and loses, his friendships, his struggles, snowstorms and heavy seas, his poetry and his hunger for wisdom.

My Opinion:

I finished it!!! Very chuffed about that and it was pretty amazing. It’s a weird book but very atmospheric and emotional. In English the first book in the trilogy is called Heaven and Hell by Jon Kalman Stefansson if anyone is interested. I highly recommend it 😁

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner

Book – Owned

The Story:

A thief gets dragged out of prison to help with an impossible heist. The Kings magus drags him across the country and through valleys , through fights and around villages, until the river temple appears.

My Opinion:

I loved this and the ending. I got taken completely off guard and loved that! I will definitely check out the rest of the series one day.

It’s Not About The Burqa edt by Miriam Khan

Audiobook – Library

The Story:

A non-fiction anthology about being Muslim, woman, feminist, queer, divorcee, etc, by Muslim women. Finally a book highlighting the voices of Muslim women to tell their side of the story.

My Opinion:

I learned a lot for this book and I’m definitely buying my own copy so I can remind myself and re-read passages. It’s well-worth a read for anyone . My main take away from this book is that Islam empowers women, but misogyny takes it away. Bloody men, always ruining things for us women πŸ™„ Highly recommended!

The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson

Audiobook- Library

The Story:

A crime novel set in Iceland. Hulda Hermansdottir is about to retire when her boss tells her he has already found her replacement and she can leave whenever she wants. Problem is, she doesn’t want to leave. He gives her permission to look at one last case, a cold case, and she can choose any case she wants. A dead Russian girl comes to Hulda’s mind and sets her off on a journey which might end her life.

My Opinion:

What an ending! Didn’t expect that for a first in a series. Enjoyable read but didn’t blow my mind away.

Wicked Fox (Gumiho #1) by Kat Cho

Book – Owned

The Story:

Miyoung is just starting another new school. She messed up in their last place and her mother had to clean up for her again and move them. Now in Seoul, Miyoung is the new girl in class and everyone is obsesed. Though Jihoon ran into Miyoung the night before which changed his life completely. Miyoung doesnt want to draw any attention to herself due to what she is, but Jihoon can’t seem to leave her alone based on what he knowns of her. Their life intertwines and crashes along with other lives and centres them in the middle of it all.

My Opinion:

This was amazing. It was filled with Korean words, cultural references, foods, and surroundings. The magic was well done and believable. And the romance was super sweet and healthy! An immersive great fantasy book 😁 Loved it!

Blood Is Another Word For Hunger by Rivers Solomon

Ebook- Owed

The Story:

A short story about rebirth, literally, and revenge and anger.

My Opinion:

This was such a weird little read. There was so much going on in such small space. I don’t even know how to explain it but I enjoyed it very much.

Doll Bones by Holly Black

ebook – Owned


The Story:

A china doll visits Poppy’s dreams and she tells her friends Zach and Alice who this doll is; the dead daughter of a doll maker. She requests the three friends to bury the doll which contains the girls ashes, where her grave is so her ghosts can get rest and leave this place. This dream takes the three friends on a wild journey.

My Opinion:

l’m not sure about this book. I managed half of it during the FemmeFanTale readathon before giving up. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the characters, and I was a little bored. Obviously I’m not the targeted audience.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Audibook – Library

The Story:

The classic tale of love and class in 1920′ US. Wild parties, new cars and no speed limit.

My Opinion:

I’ve already seen the movie and I knew the story, but this has been on my GoodRead TBR since I joined GoodReads. One of my reading challenges for this year was to read a book from the bottom of my GR TBR list and this was it. I listen to it on audiobook which I believe was the best. I think this book is OK. I’m not 100% sold on it.

Heartstopper Volume #2 by Alice Oseman

Book – Library

The Story:

This is the second instalment int he story of Nick and Charlie. The first volume was all about them becoming friends and Charlie falling for his straight friend. But maybe Nick wasn’t so straight after all. Volume two leads on from volume 1.

My Opinion:

As with the fist volume, this was super cute!! I love them both πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Have you read any of these? What was your favourite read this month?

Until next time; happy reading!

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