Review – The Ruthless (Deathless #2) by Peter Newman

I requested this along with the first book in the series. And I never learn… I have yet to request a sequel in a series without having read the first book, that I will love. Never mind, here is a link to my review for the first book in the series The Deathless.

This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley and HarperCollins UK in return for an honest review. Thank you!

The Ruthless

by Peter Newman

Synopsis by NetGalley / GoodReads

Return to a world of crystal armour, savage wilderness, and corrupt dynasties in book two of The Deathless series from Gemmell award-winning author Peter Newman.

For years, Vasin Sapphire has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Now, as other Deathless families come under constant assault from the monsters that roam the Wild, that time has come.

In the floating castle of Rochant Sapphire, loyal subjects await the ceremony to return their ruler to his rightful place. But the child raised to give up his body to Lord Rochant is no ordinary servant. Strange and savage, he will stop at nothing to escape his gilded prison.

Far below, another child yearns to see the human world. Raised by a creature of the Wild, he knows their secrets better than any other. As he enters into the struggle between the Deathless houses, he may be the key to protecting their power or destroying it completely.


My Opinion


  • Pari is still a badass


A slower book than the first book following the same character and another few where the story continues from book 1 to sort out House Sapphire and all its drama.

Thinking about this book makes me feel a bit deflated really. I’m not sure why. I don’t think it’s the books fault.

The Story

The book continues 16 years after the first book and starts with Pari’s new lifecycle. It also follows Vasin in his continued quest to revenge his mother, and Chandni in her mission to raise the perfect vessel, but also Sa-at as he navigates the Wild and Satyendra as his death is fast approaching. In total 5 narrators, 2 more than book 1, but three of these are the same as book one so it’s not that complicated.

World Building

There wasn’t a lot of world-building in this book, but there was more explanation of the Wild and their creatures and the magic and how it works and how the castle floats which were overlooked in book 1. There is also some extension into the Ruby lands but that’s it.

Magic/Science System

The magic and the crystal science is explained more in this book than in the last book. It’s about magical winds that lift only one type of crystal which makes the castle floats. Apparently.


Pari – badass woman in a younger form and a more protective form. I feel there was less of her in this book than in the previous book. We are introduced to her brother in this book; Arkav. I like their relationship and their interaction, and I felt for Pari in her mission to keep her brother safe. I think this is the most interesting story line in the book.

Vasin – still a struggling youngling but a lot more in control and less likely to burst out than previously. He has grown up a lot. And he takes action rather than letting things happened.

Chandni – older and more relaxed than the previous book but still as good and dutiful as always.

Sa-at – who grew up in the Wild was a character we got introduced to in the first book but in the second book, we follow him as he finds his way back to where he belongs. He has a good heart and wants to do well, but I have a feeling he might get corrupted int he next book.

Satyendra – the only living vessel left after the disappearance of Lord Rochant. But is he really a vessel? He is way more than the pages suggests.

Pari was still my favourite character.



Though it uses the term asexual to describe a genderless character without a sex. I’m not so keen on that. I’m asexual and I do have both a gender and a sex. Asexual is a sexual orientation not a reference to your sex. Unless it included other words like “Asexual reproduction”, but asexual on its own is a sexual orientation I feel.


The writing is easy and flows through the pages. As with the previous book I would have liked a more firm gap between the narrators than a paragraph break. The writing didn’t draw me in either which is a shame.


It’s an OK series. It’s interesting, it’s dramatic, it’s creative, but I feel this book is just bumbling along a bit. It didn’t drag me in and make me read. I’m still not 100% sure about it. I’m unsure if I’ll continue, but I’ll wait until the next one comes out and see what the synopsis is about before I make up my mind.

Have you read this? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “Review – The Ruthless (Deathless #2) by Peter Newman

    1. Yeah I had already read book 1 so I knew what was going on, but it still didn’t do it for me. maybe it’s suffering from the “middle-book-in-a-trilogy”-issue. will have to wait for book three to know for sure.


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