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November Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

It’s been NaNoWriMo this month but I managed a few audiobooks too πŸ™‚

With 4 books on my TBR for November and NaNoWriMo to attend, I was mostly focused on non-fiction books in audiobook format. I had only one fiction book on there which was a book I already had started and just wanted to finish.

Even though Gone With The Wind is continuously on my TBR I only had the goal this month of reaching 37& by the end of the month. However, I managed 44% which I’m really pleased about. Thought this month I will have to finish it…

All in all I finished all 4 book son my TBR.

But first,

Let’s hold me accountable.

I have two goals this year which involve acquiring books;

  1. only buy two books a month,
  2. only request two ARCs a month.

Rules: For buying books it only for books I, personally, spend money on including subscription boxes (one per box), but it excludes my audible membership and all free books and gifts. For the ARC’s I’ve focused on my request-button-pressing and not getting the requests approved because you don’t know if it will be approved, nor do you know when it will be approved. Therefore, only two request-clicks per month. I can move the points between the months and if I don’t use them in one month transfer them to the next month.

I will have this on my wrap-ups every month.

Before we delve into the book I read this month let’s check if I stuck to my goals:

  • Only buy two books a month:Β 

I had a few gift cards this month an managed to buy 2 books with those. So I snagged Crokked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo (special edition) and Queen of Nothing by Holly Black without paying for it πŸ™‚

Available credit from last month; 1

Total credit transferred to next month; 3

  • Only request two ARC’s: 
    • Feathertide βœ…

Available credits from last month; 0

Total credit transferred to next month; 1

I have to say, I wonder if I have done this tracker right this year. I will have to do a summary for the whole year and we’ll see if I have made a mistake somewhere or not. I think I have somewhere but not sure where…

Now let’s get back to the books I’ve read and have a deeper look a look at them.

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan

Audiobook – Library

The Story:

The last book in the series, and continues straight of the second book in the trilogy. Magnus Chase gos on the hunt after Loki and his revenge trip. With his friends in tow, he embarks of a trip of a lifetime across the sea and across the nine worlds.

My Opinion:

I love the humor in this story. Its sarcastic and fun. Its easy to read and very entertaining. They even went to Noray which is were I’m from so that was a lot of fun too.

This is another series I have finish this year and I did love this series 😁

Educated by Tara Westover

Audiobook – Library

The Story:

A non-fiction tale of Tara Westover where she describes her journey form a survivalists family to a Phd from Harvard.

My Opinion:

This was a very facination story. A story of becoming educated, a story of a family, a story of believes and menthal health. Very insightful and thought provoking but aslo exciting.

This was the bookclub pick for this quarter and will be discussed next week. I will post all the comments we have for that at some time in December for you all if you are interested.

But a very fascinated book and story and recommended.

Over The Top by Jonathan Van Ness

Audiobook – Owned

The Story:

The story of Jonathan Van Ness told and narrated by himself.

My Opinion:

OMG! This lovely human being has gone through some shit! I cried. And now I love him even more that I already did πŸ₯°

He talkes a lot about his school days and college days, his love for figure skating and gymnastics, and how his mum and stepdad had made him the human he is.

I loved the way he told his story, the rawness of it. At the most difficult time you can hear in his voice that this is difficult for him to say it out loud and yes I cried.

If you like JVN, you’ll love this book and I highly recommed it 😁

Naturally Tan by Tan France

Audiobook – Owned

The Story:

A non-fiction book by Tan France about his life and how he got to where he is now.

My Opinion:

I love Tan from Queer Eye and I love the fact that he narrated his own audiobook just like JVN. Most of Tan’s story was the fashion side and how he met his husband which I adored. But I aslo enjoyed the fact that after the part in the book which tells the stroy of how he got the part in Queer Eye, he continues. He talk abotu the economy, the stress, and who he no longer can walk down the streets. He talk about how people he don’t know seem to own him. It’s very interesting insight and I loved that.

Also Tan included Antoni in this audiobook on two occasions which was very funny πŸ™‚

Again if you like Tan France, I highly recommend this book!

Have you read any of these? What was your favourite read this month?

Until next time; happy reading!

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