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Yearly Bookish Goals Review – 2019

Earlier this year I did a goal post for 2019, and this is my review of those reading goals for 2019.

I already posted my blog for 2020 reading goals which is much the same as these with a few new ones.

In short, these were my goals:


GoodReads: 85 books

The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge

Buy max 2 books a month (24 books for the year)

Request max 2 ARCs a month (24 books a year)


Read 85 Books:

Smashed it! This was my GoodReads challenge this year and I reached 105 books in total. I originally wanted to do 100 books but I hade a wild though:

“I also want to do more writing this year.”

– me, last year…

Well that didn’t happen…. and I should have had 100 books instead.


The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge:

I managed most of them but there is a handful of books and prompts I didn’t get to. Those will all be transfered on to next year as I’m still interested in them.

The prompts I didn’t get to includes:

  • A best seller from the year I graduated high school / secondary school (book selected but not read)
  • A book about a Merriam-Webster word from the year I was born ( but I did select a word and potentially a book)
  • A book from the top 10 highest rated books on the GoodReads TBR (book selected but not read)
  • A book tied to my ancestry (book selected but not read)
  • A book set in Antarctica
  • Finish a series with more than 3 books in it (book selected but not read)
  • A book featuring an a-romantic character
  • A book featuring an eating disorder (book selected but not read)

Fail! – but I did pretty good.

Buy max 2 books a month (24 books per year):

By going back over all my wrap-up posts for 2019 I have counted 17 purchases. Whether this is true or not I don’t know but it looks right.


Request max 2 ARC’s a month (24 books per year):

Again based on the wrap-ups I counted 22 ARC requests which is 2 less than the max. Well done me! πŸ˜‚


That’s it for my challenges. I completed 3 out of 4 which I think is pretty good 😁

How did you do in 2019? Did you have any challenges or did you just went with the flow? Let me know!

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