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Faebruary Readathon Wrap-up 2020

That’s it! Another round is over…

All things fae, fairy, faerie, or however you would like to spell it.

This readathon was a month-long readathon from the 1st to the 29th February. It was a fairly easygoing readathon and you can do as many books as you like. There were reading challenges as seen on the picture below, and you can bulk up on challenges but when it comes to counting your points, you can only count one square one time. So even though you read two books with fae royalty you only get one point. In the end, you count up all your point to see what fae transition you have made. So lets see what I became πŸ˜‰

This is the 3rd year its running and the 3rd year I’ve done it πŸ™‚

Faebruary is created and hosted by Sarah-Jane over at The Book Life on YouTube and this was her announcement video:

There is also a GoodReads group with ideas and discussions on fae books: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/…

Reading Challenge Achieved

Turns out I’m Dark Fae… 😏

Books Read

Faefever (Fever #3) by Karen Marie Mooning


The 3rd Fever book continues it journey with Mac.

In the first book Mac travels from her comfortable life in the south states of USA to Dublin to pick up her dead sisters stuff. Along the way she gets caught up in the death believing her sisters was murdered. Not only that but Dublin is full of creatures she but no one else can see.


These books are easy reads and highly entertaining. A very enjoyable read, but it didn’t end the way I expected. I don’t know where the next books will go now and how it will recuperate.

The fae in these books a alien like, massive, and ugly – like makes you want t vomit ugly.

Fablehaven (Fablehaven #1) by Brandon Mull


Kendra and Seth (her younger brother) gets sent off to her Grandparents for the summer. Problem is they haven’t seen their grandparents in a while and they live really remotely. As they arrive it quickly becomes obvious that things are not as they seem. Where is Grandma and why are the taking care of a chicken? Why aren’t they allowed into the forest? And when Seth breaks the rules and wanders into the forest who is the gnarly old woman in the shed? Thing turns to reveal what sort of place Fablehaven really is, but it comes with consequences as Grandpa gets abducted and it’s up to Kendra and Seth to find him and help Grandma.


This was a fun read. Seth annoyed me massively!! He is one of those kids who never learn for their mistake and when some one said don’t open it its dangerous, he will open it straight away, no second thoughts. Idiot! Always ruining things for everyone. He did ruin my joy for this book a bit, but the story was still good.

Kendra as a main character was a good choice though I questions the authors ability to see what important for 12 year old girls… oh well.

The faeries in this book are typical Tinkerbell types. Small, dainty, and easily jealous of each other.

The Girl Who Chose (The Chess Raven Chronicles #2) by Violet Grace


The 2nd book in the series and continues following Chess on her struggles through life.

The first book followed the streetwise teenager Chess Raven as she gets send “back” to her home world – fairyland. Her she struggles with the idea that she is the chosen one to save their queendom from her uncle. With her childhood best friend Tom, who turns out is a very handsome shape shifting unicorn…


I find these book to be very entertaining and funny, but I have to speed them up on audiobook to be able to hold my concentration. I don’t think they are meant to be funny though. Its just the reaction Chess has to Tom being a shape shifting unicorn just make me laugh out loud. And when she gets attracted to someone, the drama in that makes me laugh too. Its ridiculous and highly entertaining, though I don’t think its meat to be that way. but oh well…! lol.

The fae in this book are human sized and shaped. There is nothing very special about them apart from the magic and some have wings.

The Hazel Wood (Hazel Wood #1) by Melissa Albert


Alice Posperpine is the granddaughter of a highly mystical and one time wonder author of The Hinterlands, a selection of short stories with a massive cult following. The book is rare which adds to its mystery, and owners seems to loose their copy or their life.

Alice and her mother Ella has been travelling around the country since Alice was a child. Always running from bad luck. They both believe the bad luck is from her grandmother, and it always seems to catch up with them whether its one day or two months, its always arrives.

Then Alice’s grandmother dies, and they choose to settle down in New York. Ella gets married and Alice gains another stepsister. One day Alice comes back from school to find Ella kidnapped. It’s time to face The Hazel Wood where her grandmother lived. The bad luck will end once and for all.


I was surprised at how much horror element there was in this book. Firstly the fae are the only horror element in the book but still makes a statement. I was surprised at how long it too before Alice made it in to the Hazel Wood and the Hinterland herself. I struggle to have a well formed opinion about the book as it was so far removed from what I was expecting both in a good and bad way.

The fae are never really called the fae and several of them likes killing people and steeling people’s life force. They are bloody and vicious, but also dainty and jealous.

The Invisible Library (The Invisible Library #1) by Genevieve Cogman


The first book in a trilogy we meet the main character Irene, a spy for the interdimensional Library working to collect/steal books in dimensions around them to complete their research.

The story start with Irene finish up an assignment and returning to the Library to find immediate orders to leave for another assignment, but this time she gets an apprentice, Kai.

As they arrive in their new dimension it became clear this will be more complicated than normal. Not only does the apprentice put Irene in a tricky spot of showing him the best side of the Library but the book they are seeking is stolen, the previous owner is murdered and this dimension is infested with fae…


I’ve had this on my e-book shelf for a while. I think this book was the book of the month for Apple Books a year or two ago and I picked it up because it was free. As you do.

I went into this book not having great expectations which was probably the right thing to do. I really enjoyed this book! I totally surprised by it. It didn’t expect this type of relationship, or this type of female – feminist to the bone! Yaaas!

I found the concept of Dragons new and fresh to my mind and loved the Sherlock Holmes vibes I got.

The fae in here are human sized and shaped but with magic. They are deceiving, cunning, and only interested in their own, though they are partial to play with humans.

Blood of Elves (Witcher #1) by Andrzej Sapkowski


The first book in the Witcher series. There is a book before this but the main story start in this book.

We follow Ciri and Gerald as they try to stay out of the common eye and to stay neutral as war is looming on the horizon.

We also follow the troubadour Dandelion and his quest to be somewhat neutral and not get killed for his poetry and songs.

And lastly there are the enchantress’. Plural. A group of feminist women who can do magic πŸ™‚


I really enjoyed this read! Its been a long time since I read high fantasy and this definitely falls within that. the Enchantress are feminist and the Witchers treat every one feairly. It’s refreshing to read it from a male author from a not so very feminisitc country.

Being a translated fiction I was surprised about the quality and how easy it was to read. Translated fiction can be a hit and miss when its translated into English from another language. I feel translator doest give so much into their translation when it’s into English because there is so much English literature anyway. But this version I had was very well translated.

I have yet to watch the TV show so I can’t comment on that.

Rise of The Evening Star (Fablehaven #2) by Brandon Mull


The second book in the series and it continues to follow Kendra and her younger brother Seth.

The story starts a year after the first book. Another school year is almost over but a new student starts at their school who is not what he seems. Based on what happened last year at their grandparents Kendra now knows whats going on. But there is more at stake then just their school.

Another summer spent at Fablehaven and this year it’s worse.


Firstly Seth was less annoying, but still an annoying little shit!

Really loved following Kendra on her journey in the second book. She really is becoming something πŸ™‚

The fae here are the Tinkerbell types. Small like butterflies, with wings and a personality to go with.

That’s it for this years Faebruary, until next year πŸ™‚

Did anyone else participate in Faebruary this year?

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