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#SixForSunday – 22nd March 2020 – Six characters I’d love to go on a date with

This Sunday tag is created and run by Steph over at A Little But A Lot. There are some very interesting and fun prompts coming up this autumn so check it out. Today’s topic is 6 characters I’d love to go on a date with 🙂

Now, I don’t date. So I decided to twist this a bit into 6 characters I would love to go on a friendship date with 🙂

Let’s dive into the list of my 6 characters I’d love to go on a, in a non-romantic sense, friendship date with.

Magnus Chase (from Magnus Chase series by Rick Riordan)

I love Magnus’ sense of humour and irony and would love to spend some time with him. I would love to just listen to his monologue and social commenting.

We would go for a stroll around New York and maybe stop at a coffee shop or something.

Magnus Bane (from Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

Another Magnus but this one is a bit more adventurous. I have no idea what could happened if I spent time with this person. I might not make it. I might change my entire world view. But I know I would be having fun 🙂

We would start the nigh with a bar, I think. And the night would roll on from there.

Julian (from Julian Is A Mermaid by Jessica Love)

(Julian is a child, so definitely no dating here…)

Julian is my favourite character from an illustrated book I read in 2019. He is the sweetest and just super cute. Just look at that pose:

We would play dress up and hit the town, in a child-friendly-way 🙂 maybe get milkshakes or something

M-bot (from Skyward by Brandon Sanderson)

I mean imagine all the fungi talk we could have! lol

I love M-bot! They are my favourite artificial intelligence through out all the books I’ve read. I even love M-bot more than Gideon from Illuminae! Which says something.

Me and M-bot would obviously go flying 🙂

Elisabeth (from Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson)

Elisabeth is a badass but really intelligent and kind too. I love how she was born and raised in a magical library and really cares for books. This would be an introverted friendship date, but those could be the best kinds 🙂

We would go a book buying! Specifically in her world just to see how books actually reacts to her 🙂 Maybe browses some used book stores and some libraries too. Just for fun 🙂

What do you think?

Let me know!

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