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Mid-Year check up – 2020 Bookish Goals

I separated my reading challenge from my bookish goals this year. I’ve already done my reading challenge check-up and I wasn’t doing as badly as i thought. Though now is the time to look at the bookish goals I had for 2020.

I have yet to look at them and I have no idea how it’s going.

Let’s dive in.

2020 Bookish Goals

GoodReads: 100 books

The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge 2020

Buy max 2 books a month (24 books for the year)

Request max 2 ARCs a month (24 books a year)

Decrease my current e-book shelf and physical shelf

100 books

Original Reasoning:

I originally did a 100 book last year but after 2 seconds I changed my mind. I was thinking I wanted time to do more writing. That didn’t happen. I have always wanted to do a 100 books challenge and in the last two years I have read over 100 books. It’s very doable for me. So this year I’m making it official… I’m reading 100 books this year 😱

July Update:

I’m currently on 54 books, 4 books ahead of schedule πŸ™‚ Yay me!

The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge 2020

Original Reason:

I did this last year too and really enjoyed it. I do think I had too many prompts on last year and have scaled down this year. Also there were a few prompts I didn’t manage which are making a re-appearance on this years challenge.

This is not a challenge (well it is) but I want to try and get all my prompts done before November so I can enjoy Christmas break without the final reading rush that typically hits us all. Also the time off around Christmas is much more fun if I can read whatever I want instead off forcing myself to finish the challenges.

July Update:

I did a full check-up here, but in short I’m kind of on track. I have some big books left and some more research to do.

Buying only 2 books a month

Original Reasoning:

This was a massive success from last year. It really made me consider if I needed and really wanted that book or if I could pass on it or get it at the library. I’ll continue with this limit for 2020

The rules are as follows:

  • if I don’t buy two books one month I can roll it over to the next month.
  • these books are books I’ve bought myself with my own money.
  • They do not include gifts, free books or if someone buys me books. It’s a way for me to put a limit on myself.
July Update:

On track!

I think covid-19 has helped with this. I don’t browser around bookstores any more. And also by creating the habit last year this year it’s even easier this year.

Only request 2 books a month

Original Reasoning:

This is similar to the book-buying limit, this really worked for me and I’ll be using it in 2020 too. There was hardly any review build up pressure like the year before. I had time to read and review them all without a massive build up. I think I only had one build up throughout the entire year which was amazing!

e-ARC’s are free and very very tempting but you don’t always get approved for the request you’ve made. Also limiting myself to only 2 requested a month will make me really evaluate if I want to read that book or not. I could have made it 2 approved ARCs a month but you never know if you will get approved for a book or not. Having 2 requests are more challenging and demanding. I will include my requests in every monthly wrap-up so I can keep track of them.

The same rules as buy 2 books a month applies here too.

July Update:

On track!

I think again that covid-19 is delaying some books which makes NetGalley a bit thinner in the selections. I also have limited myself on almost only requesting books I already know about and anticipate. I have to think about it before clicking request. But then again. I’m on there everyday just in case something exciting comes in πŸ™‚ Nerd!

Decrease my current e-book shelf and physical shelf

Original Reasoning

I’m not sure how this will work but I think I’ll try and read one physical and one e-book off my shelf either every month or every other month. I though for a while that I should do one of every format during every month but I think that will be too much to do and too much pressure.

July Update


It’s only been one month that I have not been able to finish a physical book but there has been months where I’ve read more than needed as well so I hope in the end it all evens out or is more that planned. Fingers crossed!

All in all, I think I’m doing ok. I’m on track for most of these and I think it’s going to be ok once December hits.

9 thoughts on “Mid-Year check up – 2020 Bookish Goals

    1. Thanks! haha! special circumstances I guess. I find being surrounded by my existing books I want to read them more than buying new ones. but It might also be because I was so strict with myself last year I have developed the habit.

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  1. I really like the idea of separating your reading challenge and your goals, I love reading what people want to achieve with reading. Congratulations on doing so well on your goals too! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks you! Yes I like keeping them separate but that’s the organiser in me lol. You should see the reading challenge for 2019, I divided all the prompts into subcategories lol! I know I love the half way mark to see how people are doing, but Christmas and new year is the best book blogging time! people get so creative πŸ™‚


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