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Becca’s Bookoplathon – TBR

This looks so cool and I really want to try it!

This is a fairly new readathon centred around Becca’s TBR game she created herself. Its a remade Monopoly board all related to books and choosing your TBR. It alwasy looked so fun ad now I have a chance to play along.

This is a month long readathon for the duration of September and the free version of the bookopoly board decides my TBR. I can decide myself how may rolls I will do and I’ve decided to do 5 rolls as I already have a TBR with books I need to read. That means that I cant pick those books during this game.

This readathon doesn’t play well with written blog post tho… I think I’ve come to the best way of displaying it.

Announcement video by main host and creator Becca from Becca and The Books.

Bookopoly board:

It’s worth watching the video for full list of rules and what the different places means but the main rule is to start at “GO!” and roll double dice every time. So here we go.

First roll: 6 🎲 -> Dark Cover

I have many books with dark covers but I ended up selecting Neverwhere. This has been on my TBR for a long time. It has even featured as as a selection for a readathon TBR but I never read it. This is it. I love Neil Gaiman so I have no doubts about loving this. Why I haven’t read it yet is beyond me…

Selected Book: Neverwhere (London Below #1) by Neil Gaiman


Under the streets of London there’s a place most people could never even dream of. A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knights in armour and pale girls in black velvet. This is the city of the people who have fallen between the cracks.

Richard Mayhew, a young businessman, is going to find out more than enough about this other London. A single act of kindness catapults him out of his workday existence and into a world that is at once eerily familiar and utterly bizarre. And a strange destiny awaits him down here, beneath his native city: Neverwhere.

Second Roll: 5 🎲 -> Disability Rep

I’ve had A Quiet Kind of Thunder on my TBR for a few years. I saved it for a readathon as it is YA contemporary and this seems to be the one 🙂 This featured a deaf character and a selective mute character and their friendship.

Selected Book: A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard


Steffi doesn’t talk, but she has so much to say.
Rhys can’t hear, but he can listen.
Their love isn’t a lightning strike, it’s the rumbling roll of thunder.

Steffi has been a selective mute for most of her life – she’s been silent for so long that she feels completely invisible. But Rhys, the new boy at school, sees her. He’s deaf, and her knowledge of basic sign language means that she’s assigned to look after him. To Rhys, it doesn’t matter that Steffi doesn’t talk, and as they find ways to communicate, Steffi finds that she does have a voice, and that she’s falling in love with the one person who makes her feel brave enough to use it.

Third Roll: 9 🎲 -> Becca Rep

There is a whole playlist for me to choose from and after watching 21 videos for a couple of hours, I’ve landed on Endsinger by Jay Kristoff. I read the previous two books in the trilogy several years ago and I struggled to find the 3rd book and therefore forgot about the series. Reviewing Becca’s recommendations, she has this series on her list and it reminded me that I never finished this series. Now I will do that 🙂 Also I found a copy of this on Audible 🙂

Selected Book: Endsinger (Stormdancer #3) by Jay Kristoff

Synopsis of book 1:

Arashitoras are supposed to be extinct. So when Yukiko and her warrior father Masaru are sent to capture one for the Shõgun, they fear that their lives are over – everyone knows what happens to those who fail the Lord of the Shima Isles. But the mission proves less impossible and more deadly than anyone expects. Soon Yukiko finds herself stranded: a young woman alone in her country’s last wilderness, with only a furious, crippled arashitora for company. Although she can hear his thoughts, and saved his life, all she knows for certain is he’d rather see her dead than help her. Yet trapped together in the forest, Yukiko and the beast soon discover a bond that neither of them expected.

Meanwhile, the country around them verges on collapse. A toxic fuel is choking the land, the machine-powered Lotus Guild is publicly burning those they deem Impure, and the Shõgun cares for nothing but his own dominion. Authority has always made Yukiko, but her world changes when she meets Kin, a young man with secrets, and the rebel Kagé cabal. She learns the horrifying extent of the Shõgun’s crimes, both against her country and her family.

Returning to the city, Yukiko is determined to make the Shõgun pay – but what can one girl and a flightless arashitora do against the might of an empire? 

Forth Roll: 7 🎲 -> Water on the Cover

This would have covered one of my ARC that I need to read, but its already on my TBR so I can’t choose it arg… In stead I selected These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch. I mean its got water on the cover and it features pirates and set on the sea so should cover most of the sea parts 🙂 This is a book I got in a FairyLoot box back in 2018 when I was subscribed. I have limited expectations. I know its YA fantasy with pirates, but I’m not sure how amazing it will be. So lets just read it and see.

Selected Book: These Rebel Waves (Steam Raiders #1) by Sara Raasch


Adeluna is a soldier. Five years ago, she helped the magic-rich island of Grace Loray overthrow its oppressor, Argrid, a country ruled by religion. But adjusting to postwar life has not been easy. When an Argridian delegate vanishes during peace talks with Grace Loray’s new Council, Argrid demands brutal justice—but Lu suspects something more dangerous is at work.

Devereux is a pirate. As one of the outlaws called stream raiders who run rampant on Grace Loray, he pirates the island’s magic plants and sells them on the black market. But after Argrid accuses raiders of the diplomat’s abduction, Vex becomes a target. An expert navigator, he agrees to help Lu find the Argridian—but the truth they uncover could be deadlier than any war.

Benat is a heretic. The crown prince of Argrid, he harbors a secret obsession with Grace Loray’s forbidden magic. When Ben’s father, the king, gives him the shocking task of reversing Argrid’s fear of magic, Ben has to decide if one prince can change a devout country—or if he’s building his own pyre.

As conspiracies arise, Lu, Vex, and Ben will have to decide who they really are . . . and what they are willing to become for peace.

Fifth Roll: 4 🎲 -> Set in the Past

Damn it! I strongly dislike historical fiction… but maybe I can do a historical fantasy or something? Though I have Restless which I need to read and get off my TBR casue its old and dusty. Its set partly in 1939 and partly in 1979 and is a spy thriller which means its not necessarily the worst historical fiction in the world. I think this is worth a try.

Selected Book: Restless by William Boyd


“I am Eva Delectorskaya,” Sally Gilmartin announces, and so on a warm summer afternoon in 1976 her daughter, Ruth, learns that everything she ever knew about her mother was a carefully constructed lie. Sally Gilmartin is a respectable English widow living in picturesque Cotswold village; Eva Delectorskaya was a rigorously trained World War II spy, a woman who carried fake passports and retreated to secret safe houses, a woman taught to lie and deceive, and above all, to never trust anyone.

Three decades later the secrets of Sally’s past still haunt her. Someone is trying to kill her and at last she has decided to trust Ruth with her story. Ruth, meanwhile, is struggling to make sense of her own life as a young single mother with an unfinished graduate degree and escalating dependence on alcohol. She is drawn deeper and deeper into the astonishing events of her mother’s past—the mysterious death of Eva’s beloved brother, her work in New York City manipulating the press in order to shift public sentiment toward American involvement in the war, and her dangerous romantic entanglement. Now Sally wants to find the man who recruited her for the secret service, and she needs Ruth’s help.

So that’s it! Luckily I didn’t get any double rolls or

Anyone else participating in this readathon?

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  1. I hope you have a great reading month!
    I’m also participating, and had so much fun playing the game haha!
    It was indeed a bit hard to display this in text!


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