Review – The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V. E. Schwab

O. M. G. I can’t believe I got accepted for this e-ARC!!!

I love V. E. Schwab’s writing and story telling and all her books are automatically on my TBR. I requested this without hesitation on NetGalley and was trilled when it got approved!

This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley & Titan Book in return for an honest review. Thank you!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

by V. E. Schwab

Love the fact that the cover is full of forget-me-nots

A life no-one will remember.
A story you’ll never forget…

In the vein of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Life After Life comes a new genre-defying novel from the NYT #1 bestselling author V.E. SCHWAB.

When Addie La Rue makes a pact with the devil, she trades her soul for immortality. But there’s always a price โ€“ the devil takes away her place in the world, cursing her to be forgotten by everyone.

Addie flees her tiny home town in 18th-Century France, beginning a journey that takes her across the world, learning to live a life where no one remembers her and everything she owns is lost and broken. Existing only as a muse for artists throughout history, she learns to fall in love anew every single day. Her only companion on this journey is her dark devil with hypnotic green eyes, who visits her each year on the anniversary of their deal. Alone in the world, Addie has no choice but to confront him, to understand him, maybe to beat him.

Until one day, in a second hand bookshop in Manhattan, Addie meets someone who remembers her. Suddenly thrust back into a real, normal life, Addie realises she canโ€™t escape her fate forever.

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This was an interesting twist on “deal with the devil” trope. In almost every culture there is a similar story in folklore and this “remake” was so refreshing.

The story follows firstly Addie LaRue, a dreamer in a world of practical people. She manages to escape a wedding by making a deal with the god she should never make deals with. The deal twists and comes out in a way she never expected. No one remembers who she is and she can’t make or create anything. She goes through world history trying to make a mark on it while trying not to surrender.

Enter Henry, New York 2014, who seems to remember who Addie is. It’s been 300 years since someone said her name. 300 years since someone held recognition in their eyes when they looked at her. Their lives intertwine but is it meant to be?

I love the direction of the story. The story is told alternatively between 2014 and the past following Addie’s story/life. I loved how during every time Addie would write about something int he past and mention how “she didn’t know, but in time she would learn the different languages/stage/moods” etc. Adding the future into the past made me want to read more.

All the twists and turns were unexpected apart from the ones hinted at n the past text as mentioned. But the ending really took me by surprise. I loved it!

There isn’t much world-building needed. It’s set in our world through the ages. Yes, it has big events in it like war and uprising, but the main focus is the artists and art almost. Addie and Addie’s life is the main focus, how she learns to live with the curse, how she finds loopholes in the curse, etc and how she and Luc (aka Lucifer) have verbal fights over her right to live.

The magic is based on Luc. There is nothing else to it. He gives curses on people in exchange for their soul at the end of a given timeframe. There are no questions about how it works as its not for us to known. Luc isn’t human and that gives him the right to have magic. No one else has any magic.

Addie LaRue, born in 1699 in a tiny village in France somewhere outside Le Mans. Always the dreamer, never the one who wanted to become a mother or wife. She wants to travel and see the world. Once her curse lands, that is exactly what she does. She travels, sees the world and learns everything about it. I like Addie. She is clever and with all the time in the world she is patience (even though she might have learned that from Luc), and she has a massive space in her heart for art!

Henry Strauss born in 1984 with an open heart, literally. The heart got fixed but he never managed to unfeel. He feels too much! He doesn’t fit in and is never good enough. He makes a deal and meets Addie. I liked Henry and I liked how he is with Addie and how he treats her curse.

Lucโ€ฆ. well what can I say about the devil, the darkness, the god of promises? I enjoyed his presence in the book. He adds not just conflict but in some spaces makes the story go forward. Then there is his dark side which is a bit scary when you think about it.

It’s a book with three characters, but it still feels so full. It’s difficult to explain but it’s lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

Yup! Addie seems to be bisexual while Henry is more on the pansexual spectrum but none of them uses terminology ๐Ÿ™‚ yay!

As expected the writing is excellent! I had no issues with the writing, spelling, or layout of sentences.

I loved this book! It’s such a good standalone that I didn’t even hope for a sequel. I don’t think a sequel could add anything to it. It’s just so good on its own. I bet Addie wins anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

Loved it!

Have you read this? What did you think?

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