2021 · Readathons

Wayward-a-Thon – Wrapup

Who does not love Supernatural?!?

I have yet to watch the last season (clears throat, maybe the last four seasons?) but still this is one of my all time favourite shows. I didn’t even care about the prompts or challenges in this readathon before deciding to do it.

This was a monthlong readathon. It’s based on the first season of Supernatural the TV show. Every bingo prompt has the name of an episode. Maybe the next round will be the following season? That would mean a total of 15 rounds πŸ™‚ yay!

There were 25 prompts on the bingo board. The books I picked for my TBR was more of a guidance than anything. I think the books I ended up picking was good choices. For a full review and run through of my thought on these books please see my monthly wrap up instead.

So my TBR had 6 books on it which fitted two different line of prompts. From my reading I ended up getting 2 lines but different lines than I planned lol.

This month flew by and I wasn’t paying proper attention to what was going on on social media in relation to this readathon but I noticed they were mostly active on Twitter @ waywardreading

Reading Challenges

Books I Think I’ll Read

Books I Actually Read

Reading Challenges Met

Anyone else participating in this readathon? Or maybe haver read these books?

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