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Monthly Writers update – February 2021

My Yearly Goal for 2021 involved “do story progression” so here I am telling you what has happened this month writing wise 🙂

Project worked on this month

Again I mostly worked on my privateer come pirate story this month as well as last month.

Also I figured out how to track my hours of work for Camp NaNo in April. Apparently you do it the same way as words and 1 minute = 1 word or something. That would make it so easy to track as I’m planning to do 40 hour of work in April which is a 30 day month. This means I can work whenever I want/need to and still get around to do something.

Progress Journal

I had a massive struggle this month with imposter syndrome. Every time I opened my document my brain questioned me. Why are you writing that? You’re not as good as published authors so why keep doing this? Don’t type that word! its such a bad word. Your English is crap! Just stop writing…. and so on.

It was tough.

I ended up trying to type up my outline so I know the different locations, weather, and plot point etc for every scenes and chapter. I tried drawing a timeline and it looked good but was very time consuming. So I moved over to Excel and tried to do it there. I haven’t finished that one but I think this will be able to hold more information etc. I don’t know.

How do you outline?

I’m genuinely curious. I need some inspiration and help with this.

I hope to get over this imposter syndrome shit by Camp NaNo. Unless Camp NaNo is more like a cure than anything.

I did manage a few words early in the month and the graph below shows this. Almost 300 words in total 😂

Previous Months Updates

January 2021

That’s it.

Until next month, just keep writing

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