Camp NaNo – April 2021 – Week something | WHAT HAPPENED?!?

here we go…

Camp NaNo is new to me. Setting my own goal is weird but I did manage to find one. I like how the November NaNoWriMo is just a spring trying to get as many words a possible. But this is not NaNoWriMo, its Camp NaNo and my goal is 40h of work.

Sounds easy enough right. Just do 1 and a bit hours a day. Easy right? well… maybe not.


As mentioned I’m working on my Captain Jac story. I posted the first chapter for it last year here. That is not the edition I’m working on but close enough 😉


The first weekend was Easter long weekend and I had just started my Booktube channel. I did loads of editing and filming and not so much writing.

For the first 7 days I’ve wrote during 5 of them…

It’s not great.

Also as mentioned above the average amount of work a day is 80 minutes. My longest session was 45 minutes. But it’s seems 10-15 minutes sessions is the most popular and easiest to keep up with. Maybe that’s how long my attention span is. I need to rethink it all. It’s difficult enough to write after 8 hour staring at a screen but with the addition of a YouTube channel and two Instagrams it’s becoming a lot. Having said that. I didn’t find it difficult to open 8 hours working on my laptop to then switch over and edit a video for another 4 hours… something wasn’t right.

I changed tactics and started writing in the mornings instead of the evenings. And this is what happened:

Day 30 progress chart (dark blue is my progress, light blue is the target…:

Something definitely didn’t go right.

Maybe, as I say in the video, spring just isn’t for me…

I’ll try again in July as see what happens.

Happy writing and happy reading!

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