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July TBR and reading plan 2021

So Camp NaNo has come around again and I made a TBR game 😉

There are two readathons this month I’m interested in but I won’t participate fully. Those are Fuckathon hosted by Norria from Norria Reads on Youtube and Transaphon hosted by Oceans of Novels over on Twitter. When I say I won’t fully participate it means I’ll try and work the TBR game in my favour and incorporate some trans and non-binary authors and also some “Fuck the gender binary” and “Fuck fat phobia” books into the mix to if I can help it.

I have incorporated my full TBR game video at the bottom of this post if you want to see the video instead 🙂 Enjoy!

And yes it’s another Camp NANo Month. April’s Camp NaNo was so bad, so I’m trying again this month. Fingeres crossed.

Let’s dive in!

The links will take you to their GoodReads page for each book. If the book doesn’t have a GoodReads page, the link will take you to their Amazon page. They are not affiliated links.

Black Water Sister by Zen Cho – A magical realism with a haunted (literally, the MC seems ghosts and this one has latched on to her and causes more trouble than the MC wants) main character travelling to Malaysia to find someone. I think. We’ll see. Publication date UK 10th June 2021.

Namesake (Fable #2) by Arienne Young – I loved the first book so I requested the second when I saw it. Publication date UK 22nd June 2021.

The Raven King (Raven Cycle #4) by Maggie Stiefvater – TBR game – Well I think this will be an emotional read considering it’s the last book in the series but in reality I don’t have a lot of emotions so who knows.

How to be Both by Ali Smith – TBR GAME – Not a book I wanted to read but my Ring of TBR made me do it. It sound interesting so I’ll give it a try. Dont know much about it but looks to be two story lines one in the 60s and one in the 1460s.

Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson – a non fiction book about communication which is something I need.

Sissy by Jacob Tobia – TBR GAME – just the subtitle of “coming-of-gender story” makes me super interested. Non-binary author and a discussion on gender.

Wild Beauty by Anne-Marie McLemore – TBR GAME – I always wanted to read something by this author and I found it on the library app. So glad it fitted onto my TBR.

Unashamed by Leah Vernon – TBR GAME – This sound super interesting and I’m very excited for this. Fits a Fuckathon prompt!

Magic to Brew (Moonstruck vol 1) by Grace Ellis and Shae Beagle – TBR GAME – again a body positive queer read that looks super cute!

TBR GAME Video – Ring of TBR – S1E1

Have you read any of these? What did you think?

What’s on your TBR?

Happy reading!

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