Review – Switch by A S King

Booktube made me do it….

This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley in return for an honest review. Thank you.


by A S King

Tru Beck is a teenage girl from Pennsylvania who lives in a world that has become trapped in a fold in time and space, where “real” time has stopped but humanity continues to mark artificial time based on a website called Tru lives in a house that has a switch at its center. No one knows what the switch controls, but her father continually builds larger and larger boxes around the switch (Tru lives in Box #7). Tru leaves the box through a Tru-shaped hole to go to school, where she pays no attention to the new “Solution Time” curriculum. In fact, the only interesting thing that’s ever happened to Tru at school is when she discovers (on her first try) that she can throw a javelin farther than any human has ever thrown anything before in human history.

  • this was weird
  • the final underlying message

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Did know it was surrealism before a few chapters in. Being new to surrealism I don’t even know where to start this review…

The story follows a world where time has stopped but the world keeps going and people are trying to keep up. In addition, they are all trying to come up with a way to reset or reimagine clocks etc. Anyway. The main character is in school and has a school project of understanding time. She picks psychology as a method and the story unfolds from there. It explored emotions and the weirdness of time. But also looks at her family situation and the new hobby and all that. At least 3 things are going on in here and only one of them really matters in the end.

The world-building was scattered. But then it’s surrealism so is that normal? I don’t know.

So the magic and the science crash in here. The magic isn’t magic but surrealism. People question why some stuff is happening but it only seems to happen to one family, namely the MC’s. All the science about this magic is so off and it was very annoying in the beginning but then I told myself to just accept it and keep going. It’s surrealism, it’s not meant to be correct. Still annoying.

Only one main character and that’s Truda. Strangely enough, I have no opinions about her.

not to my knowledge

The book was well written, but it had a different way of writing than I’m used to. for some sentences (most of them) there were word options at the end of it. Like “I write phrases on the whiteboard/habit/healing.” Not sure if that is formated differently in the final version but I really like it. it was strange and weird but it added more to the story than I initially thought it would.

Weird but enjoyable. Too bad all the science was off at the beginning which took away my enjoyment of the book.

Have you read this? What did you think?

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