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August Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

This month, I did fairly well 😁 I managed quite a few this month and I feel very good about it. Based on my TBR I didn't do so well though. Out of 7 planned books I finished 4, but only 1 of those were an ARC. I need to get my ARCs read! They… Continue reading August Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

2019 · Long post · Wrap ups

July Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

This month was busy! but I compensated with a lot of reading and escapism too I managed quite a few this month and I smashed the final round of the Biannual Bibliothon! 10 books in total this month. One being a picture book and one a graphic novel, and one is a book I finally… Continue reading July Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews 2019

2019 · Long post · Wrap ups

June Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

This month started with a slump but ended on a high! I managed 11 books this month. But 2 were very short books and 4 were graphic novels. So only 5 novels which isn't far away from my average monthly reading count. Considered the reading slump in the beginning of the month and the little… Continue reading June Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

2019 · Long post · Wrap ups

May Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

This was a busy month. All I wanted to do is take time off work and read in the garden. But it ended on a sour note - I've hit a reading slump... I managed 13 books this month but most of them short books like novellas and graphic novels. Only three books were over… Continue reading May Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

2019 · Long post · Wrap ups

April Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

TomeTopple occurred this month, but that’s a different wrap up ... I managed 7 books this month. Two of those where during TomeTopple which I wraped up here, and two others were started during the readathon. The rest was outside the readathon. In addition, I DNF’d a book I started during TomeTopple and I’m halfway… Continue reading April Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

2019 · Long post · Wrap ups

March Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I finished a series this month... I managed 5 books this month and DNF'd my first book of the year. According to my TBR for March I did what I wanted; I slowed down. I didn't read everything on my TBR but I made some indents in what I did read. And I ended up selecting… Continue reading March Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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February Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I read 0.5 books a day this month... I managed 14 books this month! That's 0.5 books a day! granted some are fairly short and several are on audiobooks which is speed up a bit. 6 of those 14 were featured in my Faebruary wrapup blog. The other 8 are listed in this post. I also… Continue reading February Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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January Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

The first wrap-up of 2019 I can already feel the stress... and the excitement 🤗 I managed 6 books this month and I'm about halfway in another 2 books and briefly started another. Considering I currently have visitors which takes most of my time and that she had been here for a week and kept… Continue reading January Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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December Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

Its the end of 2018! It's sad... I've been very busy this month with the purchase of my first home, and the move which happened just before Christmas. With all the stress that was involved, I didn't have the nerves to sit down quietly and read. I needed something more stimulating and got a 30day… Continue reading December Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge 2019

I can never find a reading challenge that covers everything I want to do while keeping it open enough for me to read whatever I want. There is always something on the challenges I find annoying or just don't like. Last year (on the last leg now) I did the ReadHarder Challenge which was really… Continue reading The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge 2019