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Faebruary Readathon Wrap-up

it's the end of Faebruary yet again... It was all about all things fae, fairy, faerie, or however you would like to spell it. I encountered mostly fae but also faerie and fairy. Faebruary is created and hosted by Sarah-Jane over at The Book Life on youtube and this is her announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sk_2n7SROw There… Continue reading Faebruary Readathon Wrap-up

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Faebruary Readathon TBR

It is that time of year... it's Faebruary! All things fae, fairy, faerie, or however you would like to spell it. This readathon is a month-long readathon from the 1st to the 28th February. Its a fairly easygoing readathon and you can do as many books as you like. There are reading challenges as seen… Continue reading Faebruary Readathon TBR

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Review – The Raven Boys #1 – LALAthon Wrap up #2

I picked this book up during LALAthon as one of Lala's favourite fantasy series. I have had my eyes on this series for a while and already managed to get all four books in the series expecting to like it 😬 I've finally managed to get to the first one in the series and it… Continue reading Review – The Raven Boys #1 – LALAthon Wrap up #2

2018 · Readathons · Review

Review – Love Beyond Body Space and Time – LALAthon Wrapup #1

I first heard about this book when Book And Lala talk about it, and it sounded amazing. So I bought it without knowing if it was good or not. It turned out to be one of Lala's favourite books and I picked it for LALAthon TBR. This is the second book I finished for LALAthon,… Continue reading Review – Love Beyond Body Space and Time – LALAthon Wrapup #1

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Contemporary-a-thon Wrap-up

Oh My Goodness! I totally nailed this readathon!! I managed 6 books in seven days, and all the reading challenges. I did a TBR here and I did read everything on that TBR with the addition of another book.   Readathon Facts DATES: 17th September to 23rd September MAIN CHALLENGE: Read contemporary fiction READING CHALLENGES:… Continue reading Contemporary-a-thon Wrap-up

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Contemporary-a-thon TBR

It's been a while since my last readathon (a month and a half!) and I feel a need for it! It's like an addiction! Anyway. I'm not a massive contemporary reader but a have a few on my TBR this year, especially for the Read Harder challenge. We are coming close to the end of… Continue reading Contemporary-a-thon TBR

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7in7 Wrap up

This is my fourth and last readathon for a while. I think the next one I'll do is Tome Topple (no known date) as I now only have big books left on my shelves, not a single small book left! I will post a July wrapup with all the readathons I've done in July and… Continue reading 7in7 Wrap up

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24in48 Wrap-up

I'm pushing through with all my readathons. Writing this I've just started my last readathon 7in7 (TBR found here). The 24in48 was indeed a very challenging and intense readathon. The goal was to read for 24 hours within a 48 hours window. I managed 24h 28min 😁 Let's have a closer look 😊 Readathon Facts DATES:… Continue reading 24in48 Wrap-up

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Biannual Bibliothon Wrap-up!!

I smashed the Biannual Bibliothon! And I really enjoyed it. Its the most social readathon I've participated in. Their twitter account was all over this and I really enjoyed that too. I'm looking forward to the next round. Let's have a closer look 😊 Readathon Facts DATES: 14th July to 20th July READING CHALLENGES: 7… Continue reading Biannual Bibliothon Wrap-up!!