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June TBR and reading plan

My June TBR is only a guideline this month as I'm not sure what I WANT to read but I know of some books I NEED to read. there are 7 books on my TBR wth an additional 4 book I might get to for when my mood changes 🙂

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My TBR in-depth: Popular Older YA/MG Series I Want to Try

Second instalment to my TBR in-depth feature. As a continuation of last post theme I have listed the YA/MG series I really want to try.

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My TBR in-depth: YA/MG Series I Will Never Start

My TBR in-depth is a new feature on my blog where I make a themed list of book on my TBR (owned books) or Want To Read (GoodReads) list. This post is about the YA/MG series I will just never start. Its just no. Clean cut. Straight off the TBR...

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May TBR and reading plan

May TBR is a mix of ARCs like Th ePoppy War by R F Kuang and Bones and Bourbon by Dorian Graves, and newly released books I'm hoping to get to, including War Storm by Victoria Aveyard and A Court Of Frost And Starlight by Sarah J Maas. There are also some for my Try A Chapter tag I did in April, which failed massively and I now have to read them... LOL.

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April TBR pile

April TBR! 5 books this month, 2 ARCs, 2 from my physical shelf, 1 I really need to finish. It's a nice mix for April.

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March TBR and Reading Plans

March TBR! After a month long readathon I felt very overwhelmed with the options of what to read next, so I gave myself some limits with this TBR list.

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ReadHarder Challange 2018 – The Plan!

ReadHarder challenge is created every year by BookRiot to widen our minds and ensnare our senses 😉 This year it contains 24 tasks where one book can cover one or more tasks. I will strive to have only one book per task, but we'll see. Below is a summary of the task and my planned… Continue reading ReadHarder Challange 2018 – The Plan!