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March Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I finished a series this month... I managed 5 books this month and DNF'd my first book of the year. According to my TBR for March I did what I wanted; I slowed down. I didn't read everything on my TBR but I made some indents in what I did read. And I ended up selecting… Continue reading March Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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February Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

I read 0.5 books a day this month... I managed 14 books this month! That's 0.5 books a day! granted some are fairly short and several are on audiobooks which is speed up a bit. 6 of those 14 were featured in my Faebruary wrapup blog. The other 8 are listed in this post. I also… Continue reading February Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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Faebruary Readathon Wrap-up

it's the end of Faebruary yet again... It was all about all things fae, fairy, faerie, or however you would like to spell it. I encountered mostly fae but also faerie and fairy. Faebruary is created and hosted by Sarah-Jane over at The Book Life on youtube and this is her announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Sk_2n7SROw There… Continue reading Faebruary Readathon Wrap-up

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January Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

The first wrap-up of 2019 I can already feel the stress... and the excitement 🤗 I managed 6 books this month and I'm about halfway in another 2 books and briefly started another. Considering I currently have visitors which takes most of my time and that she had been here for a week and kept… Continue reading January Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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December Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

Its the end of 2018! It's sad... I've been very busy this month with the purchase of my first home, and the move which happened just before Christmas. With all the stress that was involved, I didn't have the nerves to sit down quietly and read. I needed something more stimulating and got a 30day… Continue reading December Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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Top 5 Reads in 2018

I have read a lot of good stuff in 2018. So far, I've read 107 books in 2018 😱... selecting a top 5 will be difficult. By both writing this and posting this early I'm anticipating I will have no new favourites. Its a gamble, but who doesn't like to live on the edge 😉… Continue reading Top 5 Reads in 2018

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November Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

Happy almost Christmas people! Again a very busy month with NaNoWriMo. I'm typing this the day before the end, but I'm guessing I won? I'm on 48628 words. I bearly have 1500 words left, but I'm also on my way to the annual office Christmas party so there will be no writing today. I will… Continue reading November Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

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October Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

October wrap-up blog with mini reviews of everything I've read in October 😊📚

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September Wrap-Up and Mini-Reviews

September wrap-up blog with mini reviews of everything I've read in September 😊📚

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Contemporary-a-thon Wrap-up

Oh My Goodness! I totally nailed this readathon!! I managed 6 books in seven days, and all the reading challenges. I did a TBR here and I did read everything on that TBR with the addition of another book.   Readathon Facts DATES: 17th September to 23rd September MAIN CHALLENGE: Read contemporary fiction READING CHALLENGES:… Continue reading Contemporary-a-thon Wrap-up