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WWW Wednesday – 25th April

Update on my reading; currently reading, just finished and whats up next. Also a thought about the book cover images I use in my blog...

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Tag: Try A Chapter Tag

Try A Chapter Tag is pretty much self-explanatory; you read one chapter of a book and decide whether you're intrigued and would like to continue, or if you should just unhaul it straight away. I have about 70 books on my TBR shelf and some have been there for several years. I've selected five books in this post which are among the bottom half of my TBR

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BOOK TAG: Bookish Academy Awards

First thanks to HannaReads for tagging me! Secondly, this will be difficult. As if this tag isn't challenging enough, I will limit myself to the books I've read in 2018 so far which is around 30 books (well done me!). Because, you know, you can always make the challenge more difficult for yourself if you… Continue reading BOOK TAG: Bookish Academy Awards

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Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award

Firstly thanks to Brittany over at PerfectlyTolerable for tagging me for the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers Award! Secondly, I finally got some time to write this. I'm very behind on my tags.