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September TBR and reading plan ’19

I have no plans for this month and I really needs to get these ARC out... It will be an ARC madness month Last month was quick! It flew by and I'm not sure were it went. For September, I have no plans. I hope to get my bathroom done or started on. but that… Continue reading September TBR and reading plan ’19

2019 · TBR

August TBR and reading plan ’19

I have a few days off work this month which I'll spent at home and I'll think I'll do a readathon too. Last month was BUSY!! This month I have actively taken some time off to enjoy my garden and to use my holiday days for myself for once. It will be a chill month… Continue reading August TBR and reading plan ’19

2019 · TBR

March TBR and reading plan

Let's slow down a bit March is a month where I really want to do some other things than reading, like writing and some gardening. That means my TBR must be smaller. In the last two weeks, I've sprint-read to keep up with my ARCs and reviews. And I did a month-long readathon. I managed… Continue reading March TBR and reading plan

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February TBR and reading plan

It's going well so far... February is going to be another busy reading month. I'll be participating in Faebruary again this year and I've already posted my TBR and plan for that. You can find that here. Even though it's a full months-long readathon I've decided to separate the TBR. One of my goals is… Continue reading February TBR and reading plan

2019 · TBR

January TBR and reading plan

It's a new year and new chances and new reading challenges... I looked through all the reading challenges and found none of them to my liking. So I had to create my own. I named it The Ultimate Home Made Reading Challenge 2019! Epic name right? Its got 50 challenges! I decided to create a TBR… Continue reading January TBR and reading plan

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December TBR and reading plan

It's almost Christmas people!! That means the year is almost over. which means I have a lot to read ... I mean ... Let's just get this over with. The links will take you to their GoodReads page for each book. It the book doesn't have a GoodReads page, the link will take you to… Continue reading December TBR and reading plan